Path To Nowhere Tier List: List For New Players!

In Path To Nowhere Tier List, the characters you use to engage in combat with opponents in both PvP and PvE modes are known as Units. Not all Path To Nowhere Characters are powerful, some excel when paired with particular characters or call for synergy, while others are potent in all game types and don’t need synergy to function at their best.

To find out which characters are the finest for Path To Nowhere PvP, consult our character list of Path To Nowhere Tier List. Before we go to the Path To Nowhere Tier list, let’s look at the ranking criteria or Tier rating guide. In this post we will more about the Path To Nowhere Tier List, what is the meaning of this, the Ranking, the Path To Nowhere Tier List for new players, and lastly the guide to Path To Nowhere Tier List.

What Is the Meaning Of the Path To Nowhere Tier List?

Path To Nowhere Tier List

A list of characters you can unlock in a game, especially a gacha game, is referred to as a tier list and is ranked from best to worst. With S being the finest and D being the worst, we rank from S to D.

A tier list’s goal is to assist you, the player, in choosing the best characters to unlock so you may conserve time and resources. You can create a group consisting of the greatest characters and ignore the others once you know who they are. Below we will see the ranking of Path To Nowhere Tier List.

Path To Nowhere Tier List Ranking:-

The Way To Nowhere On this list of Noah’s Heart Tiers, characters are categorised in six main categories: Tier 0, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Tier 0 contains the OP/best Path To Nowhere characters. Good people can be found in Tier 1.

Characters from Tier 2 are acceptable. Although the Tier 3 characters are less promising, they can nevertheless be helpful early in the game.

The Factors for Path To Nowhere Tier List Ranking

  • T0 – The most powerful, the best of their kind
  • T1 – Improve performance; certain circumstances are ideal.
  • T2 – Capable of performing, though not well
  • T3 – Weak Brand – Character’s exclusive brand is unlocked.

Path To Nowhere Tier List For New Users:-

The Path To Nowhere Tier list for New Players A recommendation on which character to build for new players to prevent resource waste.

#1. T0

  • Nox – S Rank

#2. T1

  • Labyrinth – B Rank
  • EMP – B Rank
  • Che – B Rank
  • Hecate – A Rank
  • Luvia Ray – A Rank
  • Pacassi – A Rank

#3. T2

  • Kelvin – B Rank
  • Ariel – A Rank

#4. T3

  • Macchiato – B Rank

Path To Nowhere Tier List Guide:-

Path To Nowhere Tier List

Characters in the Path to Nowhere video game are available in three grades: S, A, and B. S-grade personalities are difficult to find, yet they have incredible strength. S-grade characters can succeed but have a higher drop rate than A-grade characters. B-grade characters are simple to get, but the majority are poor and are only useful early on. An S-grade top-tier character named NOX is yours absolutely free.

Complete steps 1 through 5. A fresh event will become available. Go to the main lobby and tap the event emblem with the arrow and kite. A list of tasks that award in-game rewards and “imprint” points will appear on the following screen. Complete these missions to earn 65 imprint points.

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