Path To Nowhere Reroll Guide: All You Need To Know!

Path To Nowhere Reroll Guide is a popular strategy used by many gacha players. In the beginning among most gacha games, including Path to Nowhere, you can draw a character to unlock them. The free character also isn’t constrained with a certain tier, thus you can begin your game with a S tier character.

This is not only a wonderful deal, but it’s also a great approach to plough through the campaign’s first stages. Lets see more about the Path To Nowhere Reroll Guide in this post.

Path To Nowhere Reroll Guide:-

Path To Nowhere Reroll Guide

Based just on English version of the game, a below Path to Nowhere reroll guide was created. Complete stages 1-4 of the tutorial as you proceed. the gaming lobby, of course. Click the pre-registration event button under the events icon on the left. Claim all of the benefits for early registration. You’ll get some arrest warrants and Hypercubes. Claim all the benefits by tapping here on mailbox icon at the bottom corner as well.

When you’ve collected all the goodies, touch the arrest option to access a character summon menu. Choose a banner. Four banners are displayed at the ceremonial launch Sin and or Conviction, Strange Thoughts, the Make or Break, and Sin City. The beginning banner “Sin & Conviction” is currently 20% discounted.

Use warrants on this novice banner if you want one of the following characters, Hamel, Summer, Zoya, Bai Yi, and Demon. With the a high drop rate, the Summer unit under the Strange Thoughts flag. Zoya is a featured unit in Make or Break. Furthermore, Sin City is just a standard banner with a standard drop rate. You can receive NOX for free, so focus on finding superior troops instead.

How To Do Path To Nowhere Reroll Guide ?

Here are the following step to how to do Path To Nowhere Reroll Guide :

  • Go to the game’s home screen and click the white banner that says “Arrest.”
  • Choose Arrest x10 from the screen’s bottom right menu.

Repeat step 2 after you’ve collected your draw.

  • Change the banner a third time to Select Arrest x10.

Play the game again.

  • Choose the icon with an arrows inside a screen located at the bottom of the list on the right side of the login screen.
  • Create a new account in the pop-up box by logging in with Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.
  • Repeat steps 1 through 5. If the outcomes still don’t satisfy you,

Path To Nowhere Reroll Guide, If You Don’t Get Any Top Tier Character?

Path To Nowhere Reroll Guide

In the Path to Nowhere Reroll Guide, players should reroll if they didn’t receive any top-tier prisoners or characters. In the upper-left corner, tap the level/profile name icon. In the lower-right, tap the hexagon icon to log out. Or try restarting the game without logging in.

The arrow icon is located to the right of the title screen. Tap it to move forward. Your current associated account will be logged out as a result. You will then be prompted to sign in once more; utilise a service or account that has not yet been linked.

How To Switch Account In Path To Nowhere Reroll Guide?

The game will ask you to log in with one of the aforementioned accounts when you first start playing. After that, you can continue using that account to log in and make progress while keeping the data secure by using a different account. For instance, suppose you entered the game using a Google account and then used the account to advance.

When you restart Path to Nowhere and sign in with a different account, such Facebook, the information stored with the prior Google account remains secure.

  • To sign in to this game using a different account, follow these steps:
  • Restart Path to Nowhere, being careful not to touch Enter Bureau.
  • Additionally, click the Monitor icon with just an Arrow inside it that is located here on the right of the screen.
  • Click Agree once more. You can then log in using any other account after that.
  • In addition, you can find out more about your account by clicking the Server icon while the game is restarting.
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