How to Complete the Freebooter 2 Challenge in Destiny 2

If you want to get the Scallywag seasonal title and seal in Freebooter 2 Challenge in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder, you’ll need to accomplish certain seasonal tasks throughout the game. This is due to the fact that some of these tasks are linked to Repute, a currency needed to unlock improvements at the Star Chart, and you’ll need to unlock all of these upgrades in order to obtain the title and seal. Freebooter 2 is one of the last seasonal tasks for Destiny 2 Season of Plunder.

Destiny 2 Season Of Plunder

How to Complete the Freebooter 2 Challenge in Destiny 2

This week’s challenge, a follow-up to Freebooter I, requires you to spend 150 Umbral Energy concentrating engrams at the Star Chart and unlocking 15 crates in Expedition and Ketchcrash activities. I have some good news and some negative news. The good news is that the Umbral Energy requirement is retroactive, so if you’ve been focused on armor and weapons all season, you may already be done with it. The bad news is that the chest requirement cannot be applied retroactively.

This means that even if you’ve completed every Destiny 2 seasonal challenge up to this point, even if you thought you were finished with Ketchcrash and Expeditions, you’ll have to run them a lot more times to finish Freebooter 2, get the Repute, and unlock the last upgrade at the Star Chart. Why did Bungie create it in this manner? My only idea is that forcing gamers to repeat the same actions they’ve done all season promotes engagement and looks good on stats.

How to Complete the Freebooter 2 Challenge in Destiny 2

In any case, you may be asking whether there is a method to make this obligation less onerous. There is, sort of. Running standard Ketchcrash and Expedition activities will only award you one chest each completion, requiring you to complete fifteen of them. However, because Master Ketchcrash advances the counter by two each time, you can get away with accomplishing “just” seven of these, plus one standard activity.

Again, I’m not sure why this is the case, but it is. To me, fifteen completions seems excessive, and if Master Ketchcrash gave, say, three boxes instead of two, it would be worth just blazing through that five times to accomplish the challenge. But, as things are, most people will have to go the long route. It’s either a mistake, Bungie wants players to relive the ceremonial activities near the conclusion of the season, or it’s one more hurdle to make Scallywag more difficult to attain. Regardless, I’m not a fan of it.

Freebooter 2 Challenge in Destiny 2

Guardians must load Expeditions in order to loot additional boxes or get rewards at the conclusion of Master Ketchcrash. Emoting at the conclusion of these tasks will reward you with extra rewards when you complete them. There is a technique to receive 12 loot at the conclusion of an Expedition run by watching the video below.

The suggested power level for Master Ketchcrash is 1600, which includes Anti Barrier and Overload Champions as well as Arc and Solar opponents. While the Expedition exploit may require some practice, Ketchcrash may be completed quickly with a six-player fireteam. Additional objectives require that players expend Umbral energy on the Star Chart in order to focus on seasonal engrams.

  • 15 treasure containers are necessary. 
  • 150 plundered energy is required.
  • Repute and Challenger XP ++ are the rewards.

How to Complete the Freebooter 2 Challenge in Destiny 2

Freebooter 2 Challenge in Destiny 2 Rewards

You must open 15 Expedition chests or Master Ketchcrash chests to complete this challenge. We prefer farming expeditions until you can gather a group for Master Ketchcrash.

You must acquire 150 Plundered Umbral Energy to complete the second half of the challenge. Fortunately, this section is retroactive. Your major source of Plundered Umbral Energy will be expedition maps. We strongly advise you to complete the Double Plundered Umbral Energy Map Star Chart Upgrade in order to obtain access to improved Umbral Energy returns on your maps. Continue farming these maps until the challenge is completed.

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