Call of Duty Jack Links – Call of Duty Vanguard x Jack Link’s Details!

Call of Duty Jack Links what’s the link between these two brands? As Jack Links is one of the popular snacks company from the USA, while COD is one the top video games, now both COD and Jack Link are all set to associate for some interesting collaborations and events which can be seen from our GA end here now.

Now, what’s the link between COD and Jack Links is that those players who purchase selective items and products from the jack links store will be eligible for some of the best Call of Duty: Vanguard rewards like 2XP, calling cards, cosmetics, weapons, packs, weapons charm and much more to your inventory.

Before the COD players can get the free in-game contents and items from jack links, there are also certain procedures and protocols set by Jack Links to make yourselves eligible too.

Call of Duty Jack Links – All Details!

Call of Duty Jack Links

The unique collab between COD Vanguard and Jack Link’s snack company is bringing out some amazing prizes and rewards to the players of the game. As the jack links program contest for COD Vanguard players had already begun on 22nd October 2022 and is also expected to continue till 31st Oct 2022.

Now speaking about the eligibility criteria for the COD Vanguard contest from Jack Link’s, the United States and also the Columbian residents or COD players are all allowed to take part in this. Now what to do at jack link’s stores to get the contents of COD Vanguard easily is,

  • Players must visit the available jack links stores which have the contents of Call of Duty
  • Also, every COD Vanguard must have gaming accounts with profiles being linked to Xbox Live Gold, subscription, or the PlayStation plus account too.

Now purchase the jack link’s items and products which are linked to COD and get the redeem codes for the same, and enter the codes on this website to avail all of your rewards too.

The first code from jack links will give away 15 minutes of 2 Exp points or even 30 mins, likewise, the 2nd and 3rd items during this program from COD Vanguard and Jack Links will also give the same Experience points along with some calling cards and weapons charm items too.

Call of Duty Vanguard x Jack Links Prizes!  

The list of items and contents which are made available from jack links for COD Vanguard are

  • 2 XP
  • 2 Experience Points for a couple of minutes
  • Weapons
  • Calling Cards
  • Weapons charm
  • Cosmetics

These are all the expected prizes from the Call of Duty Vanguard Jack Link’s program contest which is also expected to run till this month’s end.

When will Call of Duty Jack Links Contest End?

Call of Duty Jack Links

As mentioned already the gaming partnership collaboration from Jack Link’s for Call Of Duty: Vanguard had already started on October 22 itself and will also be continuing till the month’s end.

Just players of COD need to visit the jack link’s stores, have a proper internet connection, an account on COD Vanguard with Xbox and PlayStation Plus, and get their Exp points and 2 XP as their bounties too.

Redeem the codes from jack link’s on your COD Vanguard account profiles within the month’s end else the codes for rewards and contents of COD Vanguard will automatically become invalid sooner.


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