Burger King Call Of Duty Meal – How to get Modern Warfare 2 Operator Skins?

With COD Warcraft 2 ready for launch, here’s the exclusive news about the Burger King Call Of Duty Meal from our end. The burger king restaurant from David Newyork is set to collaborate with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 ahead of its release now.

The collab between Burger King and COD Modern Warfare 2 is granting the players operator Skins, Double XP tokens if they opt to buy any meal from the burger king outlet at several parts of the world.

The Call of Duty inspired meal at burger king is available all over the world at 50 + locations also thereby giving the players rewards and food items on the outlets of burger king. Here let’s see all about the collaboration between modern warfare 2 x burger king for 2022.

Burger King Call Of Duty Meal – How to get the Items?

Burger King Call Of Duty Meal

The burger king outlet based on Call of Duty MW 2 is coming out now, the modern warfare burger king based skins and other rewards are available only in selected countries with especially USA being the major omission from this list.

The burger town operator skins, double XP, 2 x EXP all these can be obtained by the players at the Call of Duty Modern Warfare based burger king outlets, all players need to do is just modern warfare 2 meal at the burger king outlets and get them all in return.

This is an amazing Collab from the developers of modern warfare 2 infinity ward and the beenox with burger king for taking the game’s promotions to next level before the game itself officially launches here.

Burger King x Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – List Of Countries Eligible for the Rewards!  

As already said, the burger king modern warfare rewards and meal are available only in a limited number of countries as of now, here are the available Burger King modern Warfare COD based outlets and also their countries too.

  • – Portugal
  • – Australia
  • – Peru
  • -Switzerland
  • -Spain
  • -Puerto Rico
  • – Argentina
  • -Trinidad and Tobago
  • -South Africa
  • – Brazil
  • – Sweden
  • -Turkey
  • – Canada
  • -United Arab Emirates
  • – Bahamas
  • -Venezuela
  • – Costa Rica
  • – Chile
  • – Brazil
  • – Mexico
  • – Kuwait
  • – France
  • – New Zealand

All these countries have the COD Modern Warfare burger king outlets, hungry jacks and more, players of COD may locate themselves to the Modern Warfare 2 Burger King restaurants and also get the COD MW 2 meals and rewards too.

Burger King x Modern Warfare 2 Collaboration Event Rewards!  

Burger King Call Of Duty Meal

Apart from the Modern Warfare burger king meal, here are some of the exclusive burger king based COD Modern Warfare 2 rewards list,

  • – Burger King Skins
  • – Operator Skins
  • – Burger Town Skins
  • – Tacticool Operator Skins
  • – Grounded Operator Skins
  • – One Hour 2x EXP
  • – Double XP
  • – COD Themed Whopper Meal

All these will be available at the burger king outlets for their Collab with modern warfare 2 ahead of the game’s release launch sooner.

Players may get all the burger king modern warfare inspired skins and rewards by easily purchasing the COD based burger king meal at these outlets now.


That’s a wrap to Burger King Call Of Duty Meal from our end, all info about burger King x Modern Warfare Collab info, COD based burger king outlets, burger King x Modern Warfare 2 rewards have all been given here.

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