Overwatch 2 Pre Release Content

Overwatch 2 Pre Release Content PC gamers may be perplexed by a statement that has appeared in the Battle.net launcher in the last day or two, beneath the Play button. “Pre-release content downloaded,” it says. There’s nothing to worry about, since this is only to expedite things for you.

This signifies that Blizzard has already implemented a fix. A new update will be available at 2 PM ET today, bringing the Halloween Terror event to the game, as well as some balancing improvements and the return of Bastion and Torbjörn to all modes (all going well, anyway). Players that pre-installed Overwatch 2 prior to the game’s release received the same notice.

Overwatch 2 Pre Release Content

Overwatch 2 Pre Release Content

The launcher will have downloaded the material and changes in advance, so you should be able to dive in as soon as the patch and event go live at 2PM ET. It’s worth focusing on that the fix might be introduced consequently assuming you have programmed refreshes turned on. Otherwise, you’ll have to manually download it before you can play the game.

Beginning today, Snowstorm Amusement is letting clients who match explicit rules to pre download Overwatch 2 to ensure the game is prepared for send off.

Blizzard disclosed when different groups of users would be able to pre-download the game in a blog post published on Tuesday that described a pre-launch checklist for the game. Pre downloading a game downloads and introduces it on your PC or control center, yet it doesn’t empower fans to play until the game’s servers become dynamic on send off day. Players won’t need to hang tight for their download to finish while every other person is playing.

Pre Released Content in Overwatch 2

Users on PC who have already played Overwatch or purchased the Watchpoint Pack may pre-download Overwatch 2 beginning tonight, September 30 at about 3:30pm CT. The download is around 50GB in size and will begin immediately for qualified users who have automatic updates enabled on Battle.net. Manual update clients should send off Battle.net and start the download from the Overwatch site.

Users who previously played the original game on consoles will not be allowed to begin their pre-download until about 11 a.m. CT on Oct. 4, three hours before the game goes online for everyone. Clients who are new to the establishment on PC or control center won’t be permitted to pre-download and will rather need to hold on until the game goes accessible on Oct. 4 at around 2pm CT.

To play Overwatch 2, all players should have SMS Safeguard empowered on their Battle.net accounts. Those with numerous accounts across platforms must additionally complete the account merging process in order to allow cross-progression between PC and console.

Overwatch 2 Pre Release Content

Overwatch 2 Pre Release Date Details

Blizzard hasn’t revealed all of the details of the event, but fans have already seen a few Halloween skins for new characters including Kiriko, Sojourn, and Junker Queen. The debut of Blizzard’s free-to-play sequel on October 4th did not proceed as planned. For several days following launch, players on all platforms were delayed in hours-long login waits (caused, according to Blizzard, by concerted DDOS assaults) in order to play.

Due to a problem, some players’ hero rosters (and all their cosmetics) were incorrectly locked as if they were playing on a fresh account. Due to game-breaking issues, Bastion and Torbjorn were immediately removed from specific game modes or, in Bastion’s case, completely deleted. The heroes will return in full next week as part of the game’s Halloween event update.

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