Halloween Transmog Contest WoW!

What’s all about the Halloween Transmog Contest WoW? The Halloween Transmog event is a famous reddit contest for all the games, and World of Warcraft also now has this halloween transmog event for the players, here’s all about the WoW transmog contest event details & rewards for the players.

The Transmog contest is all about dressing and showing up a your favorite character, and boss. You can also dress up as your raid boss for this halloween transmog contest too.

The Halloween transmog contest is from reddit and here is all about the WoW transmog event which will be happening for around 4 days, there are rules and regulations for the transmog contest and also several prizes for the WoW players too.

Halloween Transmog Contest WoW – All Details!

Halloween Transmog Contest WoW

As we said this contest from WoW is conducted by reddit people, here’s all you need to know about the World of Warcraft transmog contest for 2022 here. The reddit club has also brought on several rules for this WoW transmog contest, know it now and follow these transmog rules set by reddit

  • Those who wish to take part in this World of Warcraft halloween transmog contest must have a reddit account which has been there for 15 days
  • The overall positive karma on reddit should be higher and no false activities will be encouraged here too
  • A reddit user can take part with only one entry for this transmog event and not more than that are eligible
  • Any illegal ways of getting karma or upvotes will eliminate you from this WoW transmog contest
  • Now you are eligible to take part in the Halloween Transmog Contest for WoW conducted by the team of Reddit, this spooky and scary halloween transmog contest is sure to excite you all now.

More on Halloween Transmog Contest! 

So this Halloween Transmog Contest from reddit for World of Warcraft is all about flaunting and showing off, find the themes which you prefer, use the best armor for onyxia and ragnaros.

Use the best matching for Denathrius go with purple and golden armor themes, then it’s all about styling the perfect transmog by crafting them. Post your customized transmog on the reddit page for this WoW based event.

Also post your favorite customised boss and character alongside the transmog on the reddit page, all the best WoW players will be competing for this transmog contest on reddit, so make sure to craft the best transmog from your end too.

WoW Halloween Transmog Contest Prizes!

Halloween Transmog Contest WoW

Those players who win in the reddit WoW halloween transmog contest will receive some of the best prizes and rewards,

  • Custom Flair in three different colored variants of gold, silver and bronze
  • Gold award

All the winners of reddit WoW transmog halloween contest will be getting their prizes on or before 29th Oct, 2022.


That’s a wrap from our end on the Halloween Transmog contest WoW, this unique World of Warcraft transmog contest from reddit is sure to excite the players especially who are well versed in designing and sketching the best crafts.

Now it’s time for you all to craft and design the best WoW based transmog, dress and show up as a transmog, design your favorite boss or character, flaunt as a raid boss for this wonderful WoW transmog contest.

WoW has several events and rewards already during this halloween event, stay tuned for more World of Warcraft exclusive news from Gaming Acharya.

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