Gotham Knights Day 1 Patch

Gotham Knights Day 1 Patch: Particularly on PC, Gotham Knights is off to a bad start. I immediately had flashbacks of the terrible Arkham Knight PC port after the developer said the game would be restricted to 30 frames per second (fps) on consoles with no performance mode, and my worst suspicions were realised.

Gotham Knights still has significant performance difficulties, while not being as terrible on PC as Arkham Knight was when it first launched. The actual problem, however, is how much the game stutters, regardless of the hardware you’re using, while being demanding and offering little in the way of visual rewards.

Gotham Knights Day 1 Patch


Get Ready to Stutter: Gotham Knights Day 1 Patch

A notorious PC port is called Arkham Knight. At debut, the game stuttered horribly, had poor performance even on strong hardware, and was limited to 30 frames per second. While not an exact replica of Arkham Knight, Gotham Knights comes close.

The game has an upcapped frame rate; technically, it is capped at 360 fps, but you have complete control over where that restriction is set. Although the game can be played on a modern high-end PC, performance is adequate (it has insane system requirements). The common thread in this situation is stuttering, which is bad in Gotham Knights.

The frame time chart above is what you’ll see after playing Gotham City for roughly four minutes. This was done with an RTX 3060 Ti and a Core i5-12600K, which is nearly the setup the developer suggests for 1080p at 60 frames per second.

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To give the game the best chance possible, I really limited my frame rate here to 60 fps, but you can still notice significant increases in the frame time, many of which exceed 100 ms. Each of those spikes, especially the larger ones, is a stutter if you’re not used to seeing this kind of graph.

What’s the Problem, and How Do I Fix It?

Gotham Knights Day 1 Patch

There are many problems that can make a game stutter. For instance, shader compilation caused the Elden Ring, an Unreal-based game, to crash earlier this year. You would see a stutter when assets you had never seen before loaded into the game because Unreal Engine 4 creates shaders on the GPU in real time. The same was valid for Stray, another Unreal Engine 4 title.

Indeed, Gotham Knights makes use of Unreal Engine 4. However, that is only a portion of the story at hand. While defending the 30 frames per second limit on consoles, developer WB Games Montreal stated that “it’s not as straightforward as lowering the resolution and getting a higher fps due to the types of features we have in our game, like providing a full untethered co-op experience in our highly detailed open -world.”

You can, however, take a few steps to reduce stuttering. First of all, when you’re in a new place, the stutters are the worst. They will even out as you continue to play the game. The lack of severe highs and lows because to a frame rate cap undoubtedly helps the game feel more even-handed.


But before I do that, you need to be aware of the PC stuttering problems. Although it’s possible that WB Games Montreal will release a patch before the game’s October 21 release date. It’s likely that the stuttering problems won’t be resolved for some time. Tomas experienced three crashes on the Xbox Series X throughout a complete playtime. While I only experienced one crash in my brief time with the game.

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