How to Fix Valorant Party Not Ready 2022 – All Guide!

Looking for Valorant party not ready solutions? Valorant is an exciting fps game for all video games, where you have several challenges and features of the game, Riot Games has given the best fps game in the form of Valorant for all gamers now, but there’s an issue for each and every Valorant user as sometimes partying on Valorant becomes an integral issue for the game.

The worst thing about Valorant is that players who wish to play with their friends or teammates by partying together have had some issues, this error has popped up in the form of Valorant party not ready error for all the users.

Okay, those Valorant gamers and fans who are facing these consistent party not ready issues can use these solutions from us here at GA to fix all the Valorant party not ready queue issues now here.

How to Fix Valorant Party Not Ready – All Solutions! 

Valorant Party Not Ready

There are some basic solutions and complicated things to sort out the party not ready Valorant server queue related issues which can be dished out now.

1. Wait in the Queue

The basic solution and most of the experts told me to fix the party not ready and server queue waiting related problems in Valorant is to just wait in the party queue, just simply stay patiently in the Valorant queue, and if not immediately at least, in the end, you will be assigned a game with your Valorant friend easily.

So waiting in the Valorant queue is the first and basic solution to resolve the party not ready server queue issues in the Valorant game.

2. Update to the Latest Version

The next solution to fix the party not ready for Valorant is to update the game to the latest version, and check for any latest Valorant updates from the riot server or social media handles, so make sure that you are updated to the latest Valorant app now.

3. Flush DNS  

The next immediate solution is to flush the DNS for clearing out all the Valorant server related issues not only for partying with friends. Locate to “Command Prompt”, run the system as administrator, give changes to command prompt, next give these 2 commands “ipconfig /flushdns”, “ipconfig /registerdns”, and then these 2 “ipconfig /release”, “ipconfig /renew”, Finally this command “netsh winsock reset” then clear all the issues related to Valorant party and servers once after restarting your PC.

4. Check Riot Games Servers

Next is to locate to the riot servers immediately to fix the party not ready solutions, so check if the riot games servers for playing Valorant are not complicated with any issues.

More Ways to Fix the Valorant Party Not Ready!

Valorant Party Not Ready error

The above 4 mentioned solutions are the best fixes for Valorant partying with friends error related issues, the other things can be checking Valorant and Riot Games Twitter handles, checking internet connectivity, restarting the PC, reinstalling app, and a lot more things too.

But the best thing to counter the party not ready Valorant issues is to wait in the server queue itself such that you can party with your other Valorant friends easily and enjoy the game too.


Valorant party not ready article from Gaming Acharya is done for now, use all the solutions from GA here and now ifx the party not ready problems from Valorant, and enjoy the party with friends feature on your Valorant console and devices.

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