Echocalypse Pre Register Rewards & Events 2022!

The world anime sci-fi game Echocalypse game just got its game launch worldwide, and players who have gotten their pre-registration for the same Echocalypse game will be receiving all of Echocalypse pre register rewards now.

There is a list of numerous rewards and events being planned in Echocalypse, especially for the pre-registered users of the game, let’s see the Echocalypse rewards and events, challenges, and more features of the game here now.

Be it the deluxe rewards, tribute points, or avatar frame each and every thing of the Echocalypse pre-registration event rewards are sure to excite this world anime RPG game users now.

Echocalypse pre-register rewards & events 2022!

Echocalypse Pre Register Rewards

Here’s the list of events and rewards for the pre registered players of Echocalypse,

Most of the players from all the countries including India will be getting the access to all the Echocalypse special events and rewards now,

  • Check in to the game for the first 7 days and get some exciting Echocalypse game rewards
  • Check in for days 8- 14 and get the regular login rewards from Echocalypse
  • First day log in users may also get the LTM chest password of Echocalypse
  • Trials of iron and fire event mission with several rewards for the players
  • combat zone events, missions, and challenges
  • Vivi & Audrey time-limited rate-up card event

Rewards of Echocalypse Pre-registration Event & Missions 2022! 

The girl anime RPG world Echocalypse game has some exciting rewards now,

  • Deluxe rewards for all the players
  • Heart of Nebu Skin Exclusive Event Rewards
  • s elementium x 5 will be as a freebie
  • sr Xen case for all
  • furnishings selection chest rewards
  • 500000 tribute points will be given away too
  • rising star limited avatar frame, which is the best amongst these listed Echocalypse rewards
  • selection chest x 1
  • SSR friendship chest for all
  • SSR different cases
  • Iridimorphites
  • SSR Artifact
  • daily login rewards
  • vibration arms
  • Raspartan relic
  • Random Affinity Gift Chest
  • EXP Item
  • first expansion protocol reward
  • affinity gift chest
  • modification protocol items
  • SSR Case Niz
  • SR Equipment Set
  • SSR badge chest
  • combat zone lose control
  • graceful duo card
  • Desperate Operation: Shabby Buildings
  • SSR case Vivi
  • SSR case Audrey

Echocalypse Pre Register

More on Echocalypse Pre-registration Event & Missions Rewards!

Apart from all these a limited time event from Echocalypse is all set to be available for a limited period of time too, new PV for Echocalypse, a new themed song for Echocalypse ft the famous vocalist Kokia. Diamonds, free gacha coupons, tribute points, S elementium are all the other major rewards, events and features of this girl anime game.

With all these available from Echocalypse players will be getting wholesome entertainment and unlimited gaming experience on this newly launched Shanghai based anime game now.

More contents, events and features from Echocalypse are all expected now from the makers very soon, once it’s done we shall update the same here too.


Echocalypse pre register rewards, events, challenges, missions, features, updates, leaks, and contents have all been shared here at GA, those pre-registered users of Echocalypse players will be getting all these special event rewards now for free.

Now players may all play the first world anime girl RPG Echocalypse game on their devices and enjoy the rich and vastly gaming experience on their devices.

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