Hunt Showdown Video Awards: What Awards We Will Get?

Hunters, it’s time to exercise your creativity and enter to win fantastic prizes in our brand-new community competition, the Hunt Showdown Video Awards. Serpent Moon, our largest event yet and a record-breaker, is currently taking place in The Bayou. And now you may use the Bayou as a cinematic canvas to demonstrate your short filmmaking abilities.

They are searching for videos in the Action, Trailer, and Freestyle prize categories that present original stories in four minutes or less. In Hunt Showdown Video Awards Prizes of our hardware partners, such as an Alienware gaming laptop, an expensive GPU plus CPU bundle from AMD, as well as an MSI 32-inch 175Hz gaming monitor, will be awarded to the winners in each category. Leta see more about the Hunt Showdown Video Awards.

What Will Get In Hunt Showdown Video Awards?

Hunt Showdown Video Awards

You will get in Hunt Showdown Video Awards is a special Hunt Showdown Snake Moon-themed NZXT gaming PC will also be given to a Community Choice award winner, who will be selected among the category winners. In addition to the available prizes.

All entrants chosen by our judging panel as finalists for each category will receive two Hunt Showdown DLCs in their choice, a personalised Hunt Showdown Video Awards t-shirt, as well as an additional Hunt Showdown shirt on their choice.

The At Least Users Tried category also has prizes, and the winner of such a category would then receive a Hunt Showdown limited edition custom hoodie. This category is for those if you’ve an idea but may not have the video editing skills.

How To Enter In Hunt Showdown Video Awards?

The entry for Hunt Showdown Video Awards may be a killer clip of an awesome stream, a video montage of in-game footage, amusing banter over action, a report of the encounters as in Bayou, or something completely original! Our judging panel is interested in seeing your entry as long as it falls under one of the categories, adheres to the competition guidelines as stated above, and isn’t longer than four minutes.

The hashtags #HuntShowdownAwards as well as the hashtag for category you want to join, which you can find in the category descriptions below, must be used when posting your video as a response to our announcement post on Facebook or Twitter. Our preferred site for submissions is YouTube, however Vimeo links are also acceptable. No entries will be accepted if they are uploaded to separate platforms or lack the relevant hashtags. This way we can enter in Hunt Showdown Video Awards.

How to Submit & What is The Criteria To Get Hunt Showdown Video Awards?

Hunt Showdown Video Awards

Submissions are accepted from anywhere in the world, but they must all be in English or quiet. Both the subtitles and the audio tracks must be in English. Any text that is mentioned there in the video itself is likewise covered by this regulation. The Hunt Showdown main YouTube channel will publish the category winners and nominees. Additionally, these pieces will be posted on our social media pages, including Crytek GmbH.

You Tried Your Best category submissions might not be featured just on Hunt Showdown YouTube channel, but they’ll undoubtedly show up on our social media accounts, including those of Crytek GmbH.

Your imagination is the only limitation. Show off your editing skills, rock out from the Hunt music video only Port Sulfur, CC0, or your own original music is permitted, or put the game environment to life. There are no restrictions; you can watch violent anime or children’s programming. Why not attempt to create a feature short? You are free to implement any of the ideas in this category.

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