Hunt Showdown 1.10 Updates, New Features and More

Hunt Showdown variation 1.10 nuances are as of now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One players. The newest release of Hunt Showdown 1.10 features the pristine Stalker Bug, as well as a plenty of different changes to Even out Plan, Gunplay, Movement, and different regions, as indicated by the authority fix notes. Aside from that, the Hunt Showdown version 1.10 released today includes stability enhancements.

Beforehand, a critical overhaul brought reconnected support, another weapon (Berthier Mle 92), new qualities, and substantially more. Sadly, players are encountering issues with the game. A few of these bugs will be resolved in Hunt Showdown version 1.10, which was released today.

Hunt Showdown 1.10 Updates, New Features and More

Hunt Showdown 1.10 Updates, New Features and More

Update 1.10 also includes the new Questline system. Many quest lines will be accessible throughout the year, allowing players to earn special in-game rewards by completing certain tasks. The principal Questline, “Billy and the Stalker Creepy crawly,” is remembered for Jerk Drops. The Questline token will be awarded to users who spend 60 minutes viewing qualified Hunt Twitch streams.

Twitch Drops will be available for purchase from October 12 to October 20. Anyone can join and broadcast, and witnessing the Night of the Hunter streaming will grant access to a unique gift (Bloodshot – a Hand Crossbow). Different prizes incorporate the Billy story, a stand-out Unbelievable Hunter accessible solely through Jerk Drops in 2020, the first of the game’s weapon charms, and considerably more.

Hunt Showdown 1.10 Updates

The Stalker Creepy crawly is a new flying “character” that the player might control in first individual. It appears as a consumable and is activated. It improves the arsenal’s surveillance capability. The Stalker Beetle can be purchased at Bloodline Rank 15 for $45.

  • Throwing the Stalker Beetle about like a dynamite stick or a decoy activates it.
  • Throwing the Beetle causes the camera to move to its own perspective.
  • While the Scarab is alive, the controlling Hunter can’t move or do any errands.
  • The camera on the Beetle is constantly using Dark Sight, although with a somewhat wider field of vision.
  • The Scarab’s Dull Sight doesn’t diminish the Hunter’s Dim Sight Lift and doesn’t feature for Hunters.
  • The Beetle may be controlled in two ways.
  • Only horizontal movement input is available.
  • To change the altitude, use the controller or dedicated buttons (keyboard).

Hunt Showdown 1.10 Updates, New Features and More

Hunt Showdown 1.10 New Features

  • Movement input is applied relative to the camera, and height varies depending on orientation.
  • Elevation controls can be utilized to roll out additional improvements.
  • Stalker Beetles are unable to land and will continue to fly endlessly.
  • The Beetle may be switched off and returned to the ground, or it can be detonated, resulting in a small explosion. If the controlling Player suffers damage/dies, is exposed to a Choke Cloud, or comes into touch with water, Stalker Beetles will be incapacitated as well.
  • The Player gets back to their own point of view subsequent to debilitating the Bug. Any Player can get an impaired Stalker Bug starting from the earliest stage.
  • The explosion injures Hunters, poisons them, produces medium bleeding, and destroys items like lights and glass pane windows.
  • If the explosion occurs on the “correct” side, traps and cranks will be engaged, and barred doors and window shutters will be unlocked.
  • The Beetle has a range of 150m. When it exceeds this distance, it will display an “Out of Range” message with a 10-second countdown. If the 10s timer runs out while the Beetle is still out of range, it will be turned off.
  • The Stalker Beetle is incredibly vulnerable and can be destroyed by a single bullet or melee attack. There is no explosion when it dies, and it can no longer be picked up. 
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