Hunt Showdown Beetle Damage: What’s This?

Hunt Showdown is one of the best shooter hunting video games in the store, here’s all about the new Hunt Showdown beetle damage, leaks, and more about the latest update. The developers Crytek released the next patch update of 1.10 for hunt showdown, here are all the major Hunt Showdown updates and more on the beetle.

As for this new 1.10 patch update version, Hunt Showdown has gotten its new character in the form of “Stalker Beetle”, the consumable character stalker beetle keeps spawning often and is available for $45, also get the beetle character of Hunt Showdown from bloodline rank level 15.

Hunt Showdown Beetle Damage: What’s This?

Hunt Showdown Beetle Damage

As soon as the new update was out for Hunt Showdown, there was also a quest released through the beetle character, here’s all about the stalker beetle quest of dealing 50 damage in a single game. The Beetle quest named deal damage 50 in 1 match with the stalker beetle has had some issues for all the hunt showdown players.

The new quest of Hunt Showdown which is all about dealing damage 50 for 1 game using the consumable beetle character is already one of the favorites for many fans of the game.

After completing this beetle damage quest from Hunt Showdown, players have had some confusion and doubts about whether the winning points will be added to the teammates and overall points tally of the game, and more on the beetle damage quest are there for the players now. And to sort this out, many hunt showdown users suggested some steps overcome this like playing with Myke Tyson and getting bugs from some of your other Hunt Showdown players as the best tips.

Hopefully, this clears out all the hunt showdown beetle character damage quests and their complications for all the players now.

More on Hunt: Showdown Patch Notes! 

As we speak about the 1.10 patch update version and its patch notes from Hunt Showdown, the makers crytek have looked out for several things for improving the gameplay.

Audio fixes, traits updates, proximity warnings, and environmental changes for the new consumable Hunt Showdown Beetle character are all the major updates here.

About the Stalker Beetle in Hunt Showdown!

Hunt Showdown Beetle Damage

The stalker beetle is a new Hunt Showdown character that is activated when it’s thrown, the beetle keeps spawning and also gets unlocked as a consumable item in the game. A powerful dynamic throwable stick of Hunt Showdown is unleashed in the form of the beetle character from the developers Crytek.

The hunters won’t be able to move when the beetle consumable is thrown, also the stalker beetle also has basic default and relative control-related abilities.

Also if you deactivate your stalker beetle abilities many other co Hunt Showdown players may be able to grab yours now after they land on the ground, that’s how this entire gameplay and concepts of this new stalker beetle are consumable and throwable character.


The Hunt Showdown stalker beetle consumable character article from Gaming Acharya is done, for now, all details about the new patch update from Hunt Showdown and all about the stalker Beetle character damage deal quest are also given here now.

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