How to get Tower of Fantasy Old Vera Coin 2022

Tower of Fantasy Old Vera Coin 2022: Tower of Fantasy 2.0 has arrived, bringing with it the new currency “Old Vera Coin” to Vera. Our tutorial will explain how to obtain Old Vera Coins and what you can do with them.

As previously stated, Tower of Fantasy’s Vera is a cyberpunk-themed section that will soon be added to the original map, bringing a plethora of additional material ranging from scenery to adversaries and a plethora of goodies. The Desert Gobi, a radioactive desert encircling the cyberpunk center, Mirroria, makes up the majority of Vera.

How to get Tower of Fantasy Old Vera Coin
Tower of Fantasy Old Vera Coin 2022

What is Tower of Fantasy’s Vera?

Prior to the Cataclysm, Vera was under the control of the Seventh Division of Helgaard, but lost touch with the main plane. It has a hot and arid climate, yet it is largely safe for human activity. Regardless, the majority of people reside in Mirroria, where they enjoy the active nightlife and brilliant colors.

The new expansion offers a slew of new instances, raids, and legendary enemies to tackle with your buddies, as well as intriguing new quests, events, and advancement incentives for solo play.

Tower of Fantasy Vera release date?

Though Vera has been available in the Chinese edition for some time, there is no firm timetable for when it will be available in the global version. However, we anticipate it will be included with version 2.0, which is scheduled to be released this autumn – so we shouldn’t have to wait long!

How to get Tower of Fantasy Old Vera Coin

In Tower of Fantasy, you can use Old Vera Coins to draw exceptional goodies from a special Gashapon machine in Mirafleur Hall, i.e. the hotel. They are distinguished by their golden hue. Among the items are:

  • Red Nucleus
  • Gifts
  • Improvement material for weapons and armor
  • Gold Nucleus
  • Gold
  • Dark Crystals
  • Spacetime Crystal Fragments

Old Vera Coins, on the other hand, may be obtained by unlocking supply pods and fulfilling daily commissions across Vera. It is also worth noting that substantial amounts of both currencies may be obtained through interacting with the environment while in Mirroria and collecting them while in the desert.

How to get Tower of Fantasy Old Vera Coin
Tower of Fantasy Old Vera Coin 2022

Collect Old Vera Coins via Pods and Bounties in Vera

You’re undoubtedly familiar with Asperia’s level 1 and level 2 pods. They exist in Vera as well and are simply waiting for you to pillage them. You don’t require any objects; simply click the action button to open them. Each pod contains at least 20 Old Vera Coins. Bounties also earn you Vera’s new money.

How to get Tower of Fantasy Old Vera Coin

In the Vera area, you may also locate Old Vera Coins. Coin-like things are frequently floating in the air and may be readily collected. All you have to do is launch your jetpack into the air or lift off from a hovering location and fly following the trail of Old Vera Coins. Other deposits can be discovered at greater elevations, such as towering pillars of damaged highway bridges.

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