How to get Salvage and Salvation Missions Destiny 2

The first task you will complete is the Salvage and Salvation quest, which will begin the instant you check in during Season of Plunder. This goes about as a prologue to the occasions that will occur over the season, giving gamers a clue with respect to what will occur straightaway.

How to get Salvage and Salvation Missions Destiny 2

Salvage and Salvation Mission Objective 1: Locate the Stolen Cargo

When you get to Technocrats Iron on Europa, you must go inside to look for the Stolen Cargo that House Salvation has placed aside. Advance inside and follow the waypoint that will take you to the Taken Freight after a fairly longer excursion. You should fight your direction through the office and move over to the opposite side to arrive at the capacity area.

Salvage and Salvation Mission Objective 2: Safeguard the Cargo

When you reach the Cargo, there will be additional House Salvation in the area, which you must clear up before proceeding. After you’ve defeated all of the monsters in the area, move over to the Cargo and interact with it to start the chat between Spider and Drifter.

Salvage and Salvation Mission Objective 3: Find Spider’s Ketch (Part 1)

Drifter and Spider’s conversation will be brief, with Drifter extorting “hazard fee” from Spider for the extra work put into rescuing him. Spider concurs, however provided that you return his Ketch, a boat seized by House Salvation that he needs back. You should make a trip to the waypoint and will experience a portion of Spider’s partners en route who will help you in your battle against House Salvation.

Salvage and Salvation Mission Objective 4: Help Spider’s Associates (Part 1)

Following the waypoint will lead you to quite possibly of Spider’s most steadfast partner, Halsiks, who will go along with you as you go.

Salvage and Salvation Mission Objective 5: Find Spider’s Ketch (Part 2)

With Halsiks, proceed to the teleporter, which will transport you to a region where House Salvation opponents await. Battle your direction through them and travel down the lift set apart by a waypoint until you arrive at a drop that drives you to the most minimal level. 

Salvage and Salvation Mission Objective 6: Help Spider’s Associates (Part 2)

As you go to the next region, you will encounter more of Spider’s colleagues and will need to battle alongside them to defeat the House Salvation opponents.

Salvage and Salvation Mission Objective 7: Find Spider’s Ketch (Part 3)

Proceed to the following teleporter and follow the waypoint until you show up in a major chamber where Keelhaal of House Salvation will be.

How to get Salvage and Salvation Missions Destiny 2

Salvage and Salvation Mission Objective 8: Send out the Captain

This boss must be destroyed before you may progress, however he will become invulnerable at times. When you remove his first health bar, he becomes invulnerable, and you must eliminate the two Servitors nearby. When his second health bar is depleted, he will retreat towards the exterior area of the facility, where you can continue to fight him. Continue assaulting the captain until his health drops another bar, at which point more servitors will spawn in the vicinity, which you must kill in order to hurt him again. After eliminating the Servitors that grant invulnerability, you will be able to repeatedly damage Keelhaal until he is defeated.

Salvage and Salvation Mission Objective 9: Find Spider’s Ketch (Part 4)

As you leave the location, you will need to contact the remains of the Stasis that kept Eramis, and it will soon be revealed that the Witness has freed her. Beyond the area will be Spider’s Ketch, and the mission will conclude with a cutscene after some interaction with Spider and Drifter.

How to get Salvage and Salvation Mission Benefits Destiny 2

Completing the Salvage and Salvation prizes serves as an introduction to the Season of Plunder, and upon completion, you will get the Skeleton Key, the Season Artifact.

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