How to eliminate opponents at Reality Tree or Herald’s Sanctum

Even with Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4’s jam-packed Fortnite Mares event, the battle royale maintains its weekly challenge tradition. In this way, we should start with the main mission, which is to eliminate opponents at Reality Tree or Herald’s Sanctum. In spite of the fact that you won’t be battling werewolves, Week 5 spotlights on testing players’ information on the island and expecting them to visit determined spots. This guide will go through each impending Week 5 mission and what it will involve in Fortnite Part 3 Season 4.

How to eliminate opponents at Reality Tree or Herald's Sanctum

All Week 5 challenges in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

The ebb and flow assortment of occasional missions, as earlier weeks, may remunerate players a sum of 140,000 XP, since every one of the seven conveys a pleasant 20,000 XP upon finishing. Nonetheless, we suggest that you have a vehicle prior to beginning a large portion of them. For example, one mission requires players to go from Cloudy Condos to Reality Tree, while others demand them to travel to remote areas of the world to utilize Slurp Shrooms and D-Launchers.

  • By skipping on Guzzle Shrooms when chrome plated you can acquire wellbeing or safeguards.
  • In a single round, cause harm to rivals with an attack rifle, shotgun, and SMG.
  • In a single match visit Cloudy Condos then Reality Tree.
  • In a single match, gather and spend Bars.
  • D-Launchers should be used.
  • Rivals should be killed at Reality Tree or Messenger’s Sanctum.
  • From above, do damage to opponents.

The Fortnite Reality Tree or Heralds Sanctum may be located on the map’s west and east sides, respectively, with one being a massive tree and the other a chrome castle. The current Fortnite quest requires players to eliminate two opponents at either location, and there’s plenty of content in the new Fortnite Fortnight Mares event to do so with – but for those who want an advantage, we’ll explain where the Fortnite Reality Tree and Heralds Sanctum are, as well as what you can do to secure those kills, below.

How to eliminate opponents at Reality Tree or Herald's Sanctum

How to eliminate opponents at Reality Tree or Herald’s Sanctum

The Fortnite Reality Tree and Heralds Sanctum are indicated on the map above, but it’s crucial to note that you’re not required to kill at both sites – you only need two eliminations, and they may happen at either. So you could murder two people at the Tree or two people in the Sanctum and both would count. We’ll outline the optimal strategy to obtain kills at either location below to help you accomplish the quest’s eliminations:

  • Reality Tree: Players will flock here early to obtain the Howler Claws, and if you can beat them to it, you’ll have a significant edge, since the Fortnite Wolfscent power will allow you to mark them from afar. Alternatively, take a sniper and observe the Altars and other crucial areas, then fire when someone pokes their head up. Everyone anticipates camping in the woods, right?
  • Herald’s Sanctum: This section is a little difficult, with Fortnite Chrome Structures that can be used to phase past barriers, although this can work both ways. There is also Fortnite. Another thing that might go either way is the Herald boss lingering around. If other teams are battling her, you can slip in after she has wounded them and finish them out.

The task will be finished after you have two kills. Of course, there are more location-based challenges this week – check out our guide to the Fortnite Cloudy Condos and Reality Tree to see how you can beat them as well!

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