Mod a Vehicle with the Cow Catcher in Fortnite

Mod a Vehicle with the Cow Catcher is one of the latest Fortnite week 5 quests from Epic Games, the quest is completely based on the cow catcher vehicle for the players.

The cow catcher vehicles are always like tracer bullet, as it’s an electrifying vehicle with some lightning speed when compared to other Fortnite vehicles.

Now before players finish this mod a vehicle with the cow catcher, find out the locations for the cow catcher in Fortnite before you can proceed to accomplish this new mission.

Mod a Vehicle with the Cow Catcher Fortnite!

Mod a Vehicle with the Cow CatcherMod a Vehicle with the Cow Catcher

First basically the players need to explore and find the cow catchers, as they are very rare in the Fortnite island. Players may get the cow catcher vehicles from floor loots or supply drops for now in the paradise island.

The cow catcher is also a common spawning item in Fortnite, so find the best vehicles to mod them with the cow catcher.

The cow catcher vehicle mod made its debut on Fortnite way back in the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 itself and now a quest based on the cow catcher vehicle has come up for the players.

Mod a Vehicle for the Cow Catcher in Fortnite! 

Mod a Vehicle with the Cow Catcher

Basically cars have been the best mod vehicles for these cow catchers of Fortnite, as battle buses are not sufficient enough to pair and mod them with these cow catcher mod vehicles.

On the front of the car, players of Fortnite may mod these cow catcher and customise it accordingly too. Sometimes the cow catcher acts as an armor shield for the players in battles too, the cow catchers allow the vehicles to pierce and penetrate through the walls, trees, buildings, towers and more other structures of the game too.

Also these cow catchers of Fortnite are highly beneficial for the players as the chances of winning are exponentially rising for the loopers in Fortnite. Use the cow catcher mod vehicles to dive on the ground, pass through the walls, use it for the battle tank vehicles of Fortnite too.

Complete this new mod a vehicle with the cow catcher in Fortnite week 5 quest and get the 25,000 xp rewards from Epic Games to your Fortnite inventory.

More on Fortnite Week 5 Paradise Quests!  

Mod a Vehicle with the Cow Catcher is never easy in Fortnite, but once you find them as floor loots and get the best vehicles or cars to mod with the cow catchers, then this Fortnite quest will be very easier to complete.

Not alone the new Fortnite week 5 season 4 quests are live now, as Epic Games has already unleashed the new Fortnite Halloween events for 2022 too, which are the new Fortnitemares quest events, challenges, rewards and more items for the gamers.

The Fortnitemares event 2022 is expected to run till November mid in 2022 and some exciting bounties and rewards are available throughout this Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 edition for the players now.


That’s a wrap to this new Fortnite paradise season week 5 quest of Mod a Vehicle with the Cow Catcher, the complete guide to finish and complete this quest, the cow catcher Fortnite locations and more about this quest are shared here from us at Gaming Acharya.

Do check out our latest Fortnite week 5 Paradise quest guide and articles, as they are all update here here at GA. Now it’s upto you all to find and a mod a vehicle for the cow catcher long ranging throwable items.

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