How to Use D-Launchers in Fortnite?  

Use D-Launchers is the new Fortnite week 5 quest from Epic Games, and this Fortnite quest is based on the mobility device mechanism which is named as the D-Launchers, here’s how to use and complete the D-Launchers quest in Fortnite guide from us on GA.

First players must locate themselves to find some D-Launchers devices at the paradise island on Fortnite, then must use the new mobility device to complete the new Fortnite quest.

Just like the chrome elements, the D-Launchers are also available through the biome and other regions of Fortnite map, finding them is not an issue too, a reward of 25,000 xp awaits you for this Fortnite quest too.

How to Use D-Launchers in Fortnite?  

How to Use D-Launchers in Fortnite

First players must explore and identify the D-Launchers Locations in Fortnite island, here’s all about them.

The major part of the D-Launchers mobility devices are found at the grass biome regions. So the D-Launchers are available in aplenty for the players.

List of D-Launchers Locations in Fortnite!  

Here are  all the D-Launchers spots in the new Fortnite map which are also available in huge numbers too.

  • Sunken Suburbs
  • Herald’s Sanctum
  •  Shiny Sound
  • Shimmering Shrine
  • Fort Jonesy
  • Nine in and around Cloudy Condos
  • Desert Biome
  •  Lustrous Lagoon
  • The Flairship at Tilted Towers
  • Flutter Barn
  •  Seven Outpost IV

More on D-Launchers in Fortnite!

How to Use D-Launchers in Fortnite

Find the D-Launchers at all these  above mentioned spots of the grass and desert biome localities and proceed next to use this mobility device for the new quest.

Now find the D-Launchers from all these spots, approach the mobility device and also equip them by knowing its abilities too. Activate the D-Launcher device now, you are on aerial now, just by activating this D-Launcher you are bouncing and coming down just like a boomerang is thrown upwards.

Also make sure to not collapse while you on air with the D-Launchers, make sure to land at the safest Fortnite island spots once the quest with D-Launcher is done. That’s how this roller coaster ride quest with the new D-Launcher device works in Fortnite for all the players. Just be tentative while you activate and travel on the air with the device as collapsing down may abort this D-Launchers mission immediately too.

Once this quest with the D-Launcher is done, all the Fortnite players will get a reward of 25,000 xp for successfully using the D-Launcher new mobility device. Follow the steps given by us here carefully before you find and execute the D-Launcher device quest on Fortnite, also enjoy this new weekly Fortnite quest with the super amazing D-Launcher device.

As we have given the complete locations and guide for the D-Launchers quest from Fortnite, it’s an easy task for you all now to complete it easily here and get away with the xp rewards from Fortnite. Also don’t forget to tune into the new Fortnitemares Halloween challenges and events too, as it also has more than new enough Fortnite rewards, items and cosmetics for the players till the november mid.


That’s all about the D-Launchers Fortnite article guide from Gaming Acharya end, all the exclusive details of how to complete the D-Launcher quest, how to use the D-Launchers in Fortnite and all the locations of D-Launchers in Fortnite are all given here too.

Stay tuned for more Fortnite week 5 quest guide and articles from GA, keep following us for more exclusive gaming news and contents. Stay tuned with us for a the Esports updates and news, do check out our other Fortnite quest guide and articles here from us.

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