Help defeat Inkquisitor Fortnite: How to Defeat the Inkquisitor Boss at Grim Gables?

Help defeat Inkquisitor Fortnite is one of the new Fortnitemares quest 2022, this quest in paradise season is all about help defeat the Inkquisitor at the Grim Gables region of Fortnite.

Its all about defeating the Inkquisitor boss at the grim gables location in the paradise island map, first players of Fortnite must go to the grim gables in order to defeat this boss.

The Inkquisitor has become the new Halloween event boss from this Fortnitemares event, and defeating the Inkquisitor at the location is not at all easy for the players. Here’s all about how to help defeat the Inkquisitor boss in Fortnite.

Help defeat Inkquisitor Fortnite – How to Defeat the Inkquisitor Boss at Grim Gables?

Help defeat Inkquisitor Fortnite

Before you proceed to the grim gables location to prepare yourselves to defeat the Fortnite’s new Inkquisitor Mighty boss, make sure that you have the best weapons, guns, shield and full health points, a mythic weapon is the best to counter the Inkquisitor boss.

And the same Fortnitemares event offers the players with the best mythic weapon in the form of co Howler Claws weapon, equip that too. Now here are the steps to find and beat the Inkquisitor boss in Fortnite,

The mighty valiant boss comes up from the grim gables locality of Fortnite, the location grim gables itself is a dangerous one for the players in the island, as there a lot of zombies and zombie animals over the grim gables.

Defeat the Inkquisitor Boss in Fortnite Now! 

  • – first explore and locate to the grim gables place
  • – make sure you and the Inkquisitor boss maintain a gap
  • – find the bounty board spot and enter the scary haunted house of the grim gables
  • – take your mythic and other best weapons in Fortnite
  • – go to the basement of the grim gables haunted house
  • – once you find the Inkquisitor boss just surround him
  • – your Fortnite counterparts will also be there at the grim gables location house
  • – the damage, firing abilities of the Inkquisitor boss will be lethal
  • – the Inkquisitor boss keeps spawning at the basement area,
  • – the good thing for players is that the Inkquisitor boss doesn’t have much HP
  • – but beware of the pumpkin launcher attacks from the boss

This is all about the strategies and plan for all the Fortnite players to defeat the menacing Inkquisitor boss at the Grim Gables location region and get the rewards from Epic Games too.

once you defeat the Inkquisitor boss, then a Mythic SMG and pumpkin launcher will be given to you and also added to your Fortnite inventory items.

Rewards for Defeating the Inkquisitor Boss in Fortnite!

Help defeat Inkquisitor Fortnite

Once you successfully accomplish this Fortnitemares quest of defeating the Inkquisitor boss at the grim gables Fortnite location spot, these are your rewards.

  • – 20,000 XP
  • – New Banner
  • – Mythic SMG Weapon
  • – Pumpkin Launcher

These are the rewards for this Fortnitemares quest at the grim gables location, rest of the Halloween quests of Fortnite have their own unique rewards and cosmetics with over and around 15,000 XP for the players.


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