Haunted Sector Destiny 2: How Many Headless Ones are There

Players may have already heard about Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost’s rocky start. The Haunted Sectors have returned once more. The community was disappointed to see so many flaws upon launch, ranging from server throttling difficulties to many error codes. However, the issues appear to be fixed now, with the game’s festivities in full flow. 

How Many Headless Ones are in a Haunted Sector Destiny 2

A Haunted Sector is identical to a typical Lost Sector for individuals who are visiting the Festival of the Lost for the first time. The foes that Guardians confront in a Haunted Sector are unique and have a humorous twist. Here’s a simple method to finishing Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost’s Haunted Sector.

How Many Headless Ones are in a Haunted Sector

The principle of this activity is simple: Guardians must enter this activity and battle many “Headless Ones.” These Headless Ones were knights once upon a time, and some of them were even Guardians. Their heads have been replaced by a large illuminated pumpkin in keeping with the Halloween motif.

These adversaries are only accessible during Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost. When Guardians enter a Haunted Sector, they must accomplish the following:

  • Guardians must first eliminate the advertising that spawn at the entrance before progressing deeper into the area.
  • A tiny region should be highlighted once inside. It will function similarly to the Splinter Mine diffusal activity offered during the Prison of Elders strike.
  • Guardians will be required to stand in these circles in order to perform a summoning ceremony.
  • These summoning procedures result in the appearance of a Headless One.
  • A Haunted Sector contains many summoning ritual zones, and Guardians must execute a total of ten summoning rituals to summon the Haunted Sector’s monster.
  • This boss battle contains stages, as do all of the boss fights in Destiny 2 activities.
  • When the monster loses a third of his health, he summons a shield that is impervious to all sorts of attack.
  • Only by completing summoning rituals to summon a Headless One may this shield be removed. 
  • When you defeat these new Headless Ones, you will now receive Pumpkin Charges.
  • Guardians will have to use Pumpkin Charges to break through this protection. The full shield breaking procedure must be done twice until the boss is vanquished.
  • After defeating the boss, a final treasure spawns, containing Festival of the Lost weapons in Destiny 2.

Looking at the stages above, the method is quite basic, and defeating the Headless Ones is simple. Most Guardians should easily destroy 10 Headless Ones in the Haunted Sector before the time restriction expires. Beating a Headless One is vital in this action since it allows Guardians to materialize ghostly pages.

Surprisingly, this feature was broken at launch, with numerous Guardians complaining about not obtaining materialized pages while having the perk. Bungie is said to have issued a patch for the bug, although a few Guardians are still reporting it. Nonetheless, this is the opening day of the event. Guardians will have plenty of time until the event closes to harvest all of the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Weapons. 

How Many Headless Ones are in a Haunted Sector Destiny 2

FAQs Regarding Headless Ones Haunted Sector in Destiny 2

Q. How do you handle the haunting Lost sector?

Ans: To access the Haunted Lost Sectors, you must first complete step two of the Gone But Not Forgotten task. Eva Levante in The Last City gives you this mission along with a mask. To finish this task quickly, go to the Director and pick the option to launch a Vanguard Strike.

Q. How do you get started with haunting sectors?

Ans: After unlocking Haunted Lost Sectors, players must navigate to the Tower destination map and pick the Haunted Lost Sector node.

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