How to Gain Health or Shields by Bouncing on Bouncy Slurp Shrooms While Chromed on Fortnite?

Epic games have released the Fortnite paradise week 5 and 6 quests and challenges, here’s all about the new quest guide at GA. This quest is all about Fortnite gamers getting chromified and just jumping and bouncing on bouncy mushrooms of the maps of paradise island.

Just a single bounce on the bouncy slurp mushrooms will suffice enough to finish this Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 week 5 quest. Players will get 25,000 XP once after successfully bouncing on these slurpy mushrooms at the island, and no other rewards too.

Here’s the guide for finding the bouncy slurp mushrooms and how to gain health and shields by bouncing at these bouncy mushrooms of Fortnite map regions.

How to Gain health or shields by bouncing on bouncy slurp shrooms while Chromed on Fortnite?

How to Gain Health or Shields by Bouncing on Bouncy Slurp Shrooms While Chromed on Fortnite

Before you find out the bouncy slurpy mushrooms at the map, make sure that for this Fortnite mission you don’t need to have full health points or event the shields too, so let’s look out where a player will be able to spot the bouncy mushrooms first

  • – Reality Tree
  • – Tilted Towers
  • – Greasy Grove
  • – Reality Biome

And make sure to get the chrome splash chemical element before you are about to jump on these bouncy mushrooms, find the same here

  • – POI
  • – Chests
  • – Floor Loots
  • – Ground Floor

Also the Chrome Crosswords, Coney Crossroads, Reality Tree, Shifty Shafts have these chrome splashing chemical elements which will help you to get chromed.

It’s always better to get chromed at the reality tree regions of Fortnite, and for finding the slurpy mushrooms, it’s best to look for the slurpy mushrooms at the reality biomed spots at the island of paradise. Again make sure your health and shield are not equipped fully for this Fortnite quest challenge, and no weapons are also required for the bouncy mushrooms quest.

Once after finding out the locations for the bouncy mushrooms, and turning as chromed element, bounce on the bouncy mushrooms of Fortnite and finding this new weekly quest in the new paradise season.


locations for the bouncy


Players will get about a huge 25,000 XP for successfully completing this bouncy mushrooms quest for this week on Fortnite. And all of the new week 5 Fortnite quests give you more and more XP which will help to improve the battle stars level automatically.

Already the Fortnitemares quest for halloween is giving away many new Fortnite rewards and items, now the week 5 and week 6 quests challenges have also been unlocked by Epic Games for the current season in Fortnite. The Fortnitemares event is all set to run till November mid and all the new goodies and bounties will be rewarded for the Fortnite players now.

So the summary of this week 5 Fortnite quest for players is to locate to the chrome splash locations and get chromed, find the bouncy mushrooms at the bouncy slurp mushrooms locations and jump on the bouncy mushrooms and attain the shield and health over there.


Gain health or shields by bouncing on bouncy slurp shrooms while chromed on Fortnite article guide from Gaming Acharya is done now. Follow all the steps for this new Fortnite Gain health or shields by bouncing on bouncy slurp shrooms while chromed quest.

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