Deal Damage To Opponents From Above: See Where To Find Opponents & How To Deal Damage!

Hello guys, today’s topic is Deal Damage To Opponents From Above, As Weekly challenges are still released in the battle royale even during the busy Fortnitemares event in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. The major goal of Week 5 is to test players’ familiarity with the island and require them to visit to specified spots, even though you won’t be fighting werewolves during it.

Each upcoming Week 5 mission in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 will be described in detail in this article, along with the rewards they will provide. New Fortnite Seasonal Weekly Quests have been released, and this time around, each quest offers a 25,000 XP payout.

Fortunately, players don’t have to work quite as hard to advance as they once did. The seven distinct challenges & two additional alternatives are the same as in previous seasons’ missions. At this point, we will How to Deal Damage To Opponents From Above in Fortnite.

Deal Damage To Opponents From Above:-

Deal Damage To Opponents From Above

In one of these challenges, Deal Damage To Opponents From Above. The only requirement for this particular task possibly the simplest on the list is that players locate a higher elevation and deal 500 total damage to foes. Players will be able to fulfill this challenge across many matches because it isn’t listed anywhere.

Players can use any weapon they like because Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 gives them access to a wide array of weapons that can be used to finish this Deal Damage To Opponents From Above task. This Deal Damage To Opponents From Above challenge is rather straightforward, therefore players won’t need to endure any challenging procedures to finish it. These two tasks are all that are required to complete it.

  • Finding The Opponents
  • Dealing Damage To Opponents

Where To Find To Deal Damage To Opponents From Above?

Since Fortnite is a Battle Royale game, it ought to be simple for players to locate other players. can, however, use a few strategies to improve their chances of coming across an opponent right away.

Although players are free to land anywhere they like, using it in a hotdrop zone increases the likelihood that they will find an opponent right away. To that aim, there are a tonne of POIs or landmarks that allow gamers to launch an aerial assault.

Such POIs that enable players to assault adversaries from above include Herald’s Sanctum, Chrome Crossroads, or Tilted Towers. Players must pick up their preferred weapon once they arrive in a hotdrop zone. For this Deal Damage To Opponents From Above challenge, players can use any weapon, however a multipurpose weapon like that of an assault rifle are more efficient.

How To Deal Damage To Opponents From Above?

Deal Damage To Opponents From Above

Dealing damage is all that’s left to accomplish once players have found an appropriate weapon. The participants must first move to a higher location in order to finish this challenge. They can accomplish this by climbing up buildings or erecting ramps or other structures that are at least two stories high.

The total amount of damage that players must deal to their opponents is 500. Additionally, they can finish this Deal Damage To Opponents From Above task by inflicting harm on NPCs scattered throughout the Fortnite map. It should be emphasised that players cannot finish this challenge by harming the island’s fauna.

Players can go to specific landmarks and structures, like No Sweat Insurance, that are already in the air, to get to higher ground. Players will have to use weapons such as the Cobra DMR in this situation in order to make hits. Players should be aware that hitting the opponent in the head increases their damage by a headshot multiplier.

The Deal Damage To Opponents From Above challenge may also be influenced by the weapon’s rarity. Players in Fortnite have access to weapons in five different rarities. To finish the challenge more quickly, players can always improve their weapons on to an upgrade bench if they want to deal more damage.

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