What is Wolfscent in Fortnite- How to Get Them?

Wolfscent in Fortnite? How to hit an opponent while Wolfscent is active? What is Wolfscent in Fortnite? Here’s all about the Fortnite Wolfscent in gaming acharya.

To be precise, a new ability in the form of Wolfscent is now available through the Fortnitemares event from Epic Games which is the game’s annual Halloween event for 2022.

The best abilities of these Wolfscent is that it allows a Fortnite gamer to keep track on his/her progression on the game, keep track of the opponents and enemies throughout the battle, the Wolfscent abilities also go into a cooldown time after players use the same. To obtain the Wolfscent there’s a prerequisite set by Fortnite, which is the players need to get the new co Howler Claws which also made its debut through the Fortnitemares event 2022.

What is Wolfscent in Fortnite – How to Get Them?

 Wolfscent in Fortnite

The Wolfscent abilities and power feature from Fortnite can only be obtained once you get the howler claws through another quest. So to get the howler claws first, players need to dance on the alteration altar, by performing some ritual emote over there.

The alteration altars can be seen at DJ Layka Reality Trees, POI and more spots at the paradise island map. Once you find the alteration altars, just go and dance by doing the ritual emote moves and get the howler claws immediately from there.

What is this Wolf Scent Ability in Fortnite?

Once you get the howler claws, the Wolfscent ability is all yours on Fortnite, and the Wolfscent powers up immediately after you get on the howler claws.

Charge up the Wolfscent powers and use the left side button to activate it immediately, also the nearby opponents can be tracked and seen with this Wolfscent powers.

How to Hit an Opponent While Wolfscent is Active?  – Easy Ways to Use the Wolfscent in Fortnite!

What is Wolfscent in Fortnite

Now this part of hitting an opponent while the Wolfscent is active is quite an easy task too,

  • Activate the Wolfscent
  • Make sure to strike an enemy immediately
  • Don’t kill the enemies with the Wolfscent
  • Use the howler claws for better performance

– track the opponents through this Wolfscent, use the air slash abilities too

So that’s how this entire concept of the new ability named the Wolfscent from Fortnite gets worked, do the dance at the alteration altars. Find the alteration altars at the reality tree, perform the emote, get the howler claws and unlock the new Wolfscent abilities and also hit the opponents by activating the same Wolfscent on Fortnite now.

That’s all about this new Wolfscent abilities of Fortnite, Epic Games will be introducing more abilities and quest for the Fortnitemares Halloween event 2022 with various quests and rewards for the players throughout this Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 season. This is how the Wolfscent and the howler claws of Fortnite are used by the players in the paradise battle pass island.


That’s a wrap from our GA end for what’s Wolfscent in Fortnite, how to hit an opponent while the Wolfscent abilities are active, wolf scent power in Fortnite and more about the Wolfscent powers of Fortnite are all given here.

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