Fortnite Ash Williams Skin- How to Get?

Fortnite Ash Williams skin is finally available, as the 2022 Halloween event of Fortnite has made a Collab with the Evil Dead star Ash Williams, here’s how to get the Fortnite Ash Williams skin now on our GA.

Fortnitemares the Halloween event of Fortnite from Epic Games is live now, with a bunch of quests being available for players, and in the mean while Epic Games have added the Ash Williams skin to all the Fortnite fans.

The movie star Ash Williams has been in the reckoning for a long time in the wishlist of Fortnite and Epic Games, and now Fortnite has decided to make a Collab with the star through the Fortnitemares Halloween annual event for 2022.

Fortnite has the new Ash Williams Evil Lifeless bundle which will have star’s bundle, items with his outfits, skins and cosmetics in the paradise season, here are the tips to obtain the Ash Williams skin on Fortnite easily.

How to Get Fortnite Ash Williams Skin?

Ash Williams Item Bundle

Ash Williams is a part of the Fortnitemares Halloween event for 2022, all the players will be able to purchase ash williams bundle from the itemshop on Fortnite most probably from 25th October, 2022.

As ash williams is already a mandatory part of the Fortnite Halloween event, yet Epic Games will take a little more time to unvault all the items of the ash williams skin pack.

List of Ash Williams Items in Fortnite! 

The Ash Williams Fortnite item bundle has all of these items for the Halloween event,

  • Basic Ash Williams: Outfit
  • Necronomicon Ex-Mortis: Backbling
  • Boomstick: Backbling
  • It’s a Trick Emote
  • Chainsaw Hand: Harvesting Software
  • Hello, Henrietta Evil Dead Theme Loading Screen
  • Deadite Slicer Chain Saw Pickaxe

How to Get the Ash Williams Skin in Fortnite – Price of Ash Williams Item Bundle!

Fortnite Ash Williams Skin

Buying the Ash Williams Evil Lifeless bundle from Fortnite epic games is the only way to get the star’s skin pack items, but the official price listing from Fortnite is not available yet. As Ash Williams is a part of the Fortnitemares event 2022, Epic Games might slightly increase the price for the Ash williams bundle, so the price of the Ash Williams Fortnite item bundle will be at a minimum price of 2,000 V-bucks, and it might increase too.

Everyone can purchase the entire Ash Williams Fortnite bundle and individual items of Ash Williams item bundle will not be available as per Fortnite. Let’s wait up for the official cost of the Fortnite new Ash Williams item bundle and skin packs with outfits from the team of Epic Games, else Fortnitemares event will update the same as the event progresses.

We will update the price of ash williams skin pack once, they are officially revealed from Fortnite team or through any leaks from Shiina. But if you really wish to obtain Ash Williams skin from Fortnite, then save upto 2,000 V-bucks now itself at the itemshop, also along with Ash Williams, the Dwayne Johnson and Black Adam skins are also getting featured on the Fortnitemares event 2022.

All of the Fortnitemares event, rewards and skin will stay till November 1st week for the players, the Halloween event from Fortnite is here to make it a memorable one for the fans.


That’s all about the Fortnite Ash Williams article from us at Gaming Acharya, here we have shared the ash williams skin pack items, how to get the ash williams skin and item bundle from Fortnite and more are updated here from us.

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