Gone But Not Forgotten Quest Destiny 2

The Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2 started with certain elements from the earlier year’s Festival of the Lost, including the name of the underlying assignment. Gone But Not Forgotten requires participants to wade through Haunted Sectors, which is the event’s main activity.

The Festival of the Lost presentation mission will walk you through the frameworks engaged with the Halloween-themed occasion, starting with Eva Levante, the neighborhood occasion dealer and Destiny 2’s uncontested best space grandma. Gone However Not Forgotten shows what’s really going on with the Festival of the Lost: finding Ghostly Pages and changing them into Showed Pages. Giving them into the Pinnacle’s Book of the Forgotten while stacking up on Candy to purchase present packs from Eva Levante for an opportunity at occasion explicit awards.

Gone But Not Forgotten Quest Destiny 2

Though the initial mission is basic and shouldn’t take long, a problem early in Festival of the Lost 2022 might jeopardize players’ progress, perhaps trapping them in the first quest until Bungie releases a remedy. This is the way to complete Gone Yet Not Forgotten and why you may be encountering inconvenience.

How to complete Gone But Not Forgotten Destiny 2

Going to the Pinnacle and chatting with Eva Levante, who will offer you a cover during the current year’s Festival of the Lost, is the primary stage in Gone Yet Not Forgotten. A mask is similar to a helmet, however it only has a Power Level while the event is underway. During Festival of the Lost, players can wear mask decorations that aren’t available for standard helmets. To acquire Otherworldly Pages and, all the more fundamentally, to advance the Gone Yet Not Forgotten mission, you’ll likewise have to wear a cover.

Don your mask and speak with Eva Levante again so she can go through the event systems with you. She will likewise offer you one Unearthly Page, which you should convey into a Spooky Area to advance in the mission.

The following stage in Gone Yet Not Forgotten is to finish a Gathering Custom, which is a Spooky Areas component. After a couple of enemies are dispatched, you’ll see a circle with a commencement above it. To deliver a small supervisor known as a Headless One, stand on the Calling Custom until it terminates, as though you were catching a point in Charge. To complete a Spooky Area, you should make 10 Headless Ones, thus players ought to dive more deeply into the mechanics to skirt through Festival of the Lost substance.

Gone But Not Forgotten Quest Destiny 2

How to complete Destiny 2 Gone but not Forgotten

Manifested Pages are required for the Festival of the Lost seasonal activity cycle, especially if you want to complete all event tasks. They must be procured subsequent to killing something like one Headless One and finishing a Spooky Area by changing Ghastly Pages into Showed Pages. In any case, the more Headless Ones you kill, the more prominent your installment in Showed Pages. To continue with Gone But Not Forgotten, you’ll need to finish the Haunted Sector, which shouldn’t be too difficult, though a problem might halt your progress.

Adding your Manifested Pages to the Book of the Forgotten

Return to Eva Levante after finishing the Haunted Sector so she may educate you about the Manifested Pages. She will request that you contribute your Manifested Pages to the Book of the Forgotten, which is to the right of Eva Levante (her left). Your Manifested Pages will be necessary to complete various event tasks as well as unlock a few lore books.

After you’ve added the page, go to your Quests tab and look for the Festival of the Lost event card in the upper right corner. Claim the Cryptozoologist challenge to kick off the festivities and unlock the actual event tasks. Speak with Eva once more to complete the mission and receive a roll of the Macabre sniper rifle as a gift. 

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