Apex Legends Updates Today: 2.08 Patch Notes

Apex Legends Updates Today received a fresh update earlier today, marking the second bug-fix patch to be released in less than a week. Update 2.08 is presently accessible for download on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Apex Legends Updates Today 2022

Catalyst, the next Legend to join the Apex Games in Season 15, was just announced by Respawn Entertainment. Yet, with about fourteen days before the beginning of the new season, there’s still a lot to anticipate until the end of Season 14. With the Battle or Trepidation occasion actually going on, today’s update will bring back a fan most loved mode, Control.

Apex Legends Updates Today & Patch Notes

Respawn initially expressed that the Battle or Alarm Halloween occasion will go until the beginning of the following season on November first. Every week during this time, another restricted time mode would be presented, with this week flagging the finish of the Weapon Run mode and the renewed introduction of Control.

Notwithstanding the turning restricted time mode, today’s update is booked to bring a few basic bug fixes and another shop pivot. For additional data, see the authority patch notes for the October eighteenth Apex Legends update beneath:

Apex Legends Update 2.08 Patch Notes For October 18th

We’re really believing that Respawn Redirection will post the power fix notes for the latest Zenith Legends update, but in light of the power of the Peak Legends Trello Board and YouTuber ThordanSmash, we know what’s in store. The following fixes are listed as ‘arriving in future update’ on the game’s official Trello Board, which implies they might be included in today’s patch:

  • The banner wrongly shows players in the “Rookie” Rank when they are not.
  • For certain seasons, players at particular rankings are not receiving the right rated awards.

However, Apex Legends YouTuber ThordanSmash believes that there will be some additional significant patches for flaws discovered in last week’s patch. The first issue appears to be that audio noises for healing were accidentally enhanced, while the second appears to be causing Legends to become trapped in the air until they are slain by opponents.

We will refresh this page as Respawn Diversion delivers the authority patch notes for the Apex Legends update 2.08, so remain tuned.

Apex Legends Updates Today 2022

FAQs regarding Apex Legends Updates Today

What was different in the Apex Legend Updates?

Ans: Skullpiercer. The rifling hop-up attachment has returned, providing a headshot damage boost. It is now also backwards compatible with the 30-30 Repeater. Laser Sight: A new barrel attachment for pistols and SMGs that improves hip-fire accuracy is now available.

How large is the latest Apex Legend Updates?

Ans: The PS4 version is 40.4GB in size. It’s roughly 16GB on Xbox, 15GB on Steam, and 12GB on Origin. Here are some quick strategies to help you get the Apex Legends Season 14 patch faster: Check to see if any other games are downloading or upgrading in the background.

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