All about Candy in Destiny 2: Solo Candy Farm, Hidden Candy

The Celebration of the Lost has returned in Destiny 2, and that implies now is the right time to farm Candy. Candy is the groundwork of Halloween, and this is valid in Destiny 2’s Halloween occasion. During the Festival of the Lost, you’ll continually need extra candy. Here we should know All about Candy in Destiny 2: Solo Candy Farm, Hidden Candy, and many more.

All about Candy in Destiny 2: Solo Candy Farm, Hidden Candy

What Is the Purpose of Candy in Destiny 2?

Candy is utilized in Celebration of the Lost 2022 to accumulate different treats that Eva Levante will have available to be purchased during the occasion, like the new colorful phantom, sparrow, and boat, as well as occasion snatch packs that can grant occasional guns like the new Jurassic Green weapon.

How to Farm Candy in Destiny 2?

Finishing Eva Levante Bounties is the speediest method for farming Candy in Destiny 2. Eva, the authority Celebration of the Lost dealer, offers two Week by Week Bounties that cost 1,000 Gleam and award you with 250 Candy when gotten done, as well as four Day to day Bounties that cost 250 Glint and prize you with 30 Candy when done.

To earn Candy, return daily and weekly to accomplish Eva’s Bounties. Additional Bounties with Bright Dust, XP, and 20 Candy may also be purchased for 3,000 Glimmer each.

As you finish Bounties, the following quickest method for gathering Candy in Destiny 2 Celebration of the Lost is to beat warriors and complete exercises while wearing a cover. There are various masks to pick from, all of which are free, including the Savathun Mask.

On the off chance that you are wearing a cover and are doing Ketchcrash errands, beating Watchmen in Pot, or moving Headless Ones in Tormented Areas, warriors will drop Candy. What’s more, don’t stress over gathering each sweet that tumbles to the ground; Kadi 55-20 will assemble everything and store it alright for you to recuperate back at the Pinnacle.

At the point when you have a decent stock of Candy, you ought to spend it on Get Sacks. Buy a Legendary Secret Snatch Sack for 1,300 Candy or an Uncommon Secret Get Pack for 650 Candy from Eva in the Pinnacle. Snatch Sacks incorporate Showed Pages, Celebration of the Lost weaponry, and different treats. The only goal of growing Candy is to sell it for Grab Bags.

All about Candy in Destiny 2: Solo Candy Farm, Hidden Candy

How to Get Candy in Destiny 2?

Candy, as recently expressed, is one of the significant monetary forms in Celebration of the Lost, alongside Ghostly Pages. Candy might be gotten in various ways. The fastest and most ghostly way is to enter the Spooky Areas and accumulate some from overcoming dread on that occasion. You’ll need a mask for this, so make sure you’ve completed Eva Levante’s Festival of the Lost 2022 mission.

Be that as it may, you might acquire Destiny 2 Hidden Candy beyond the Spooky Areas. While wearing a Celebration of the Lost cover, overcoming enemies and following through with responsibilities will sporadically drop some for you to accumulate and spend. So feel free to play Crucible as the Cryptarch if that’s your thing.

You’ll see it as blue triangular items on the ground as you run about. The essential thing to remember is to always wear your mask. You will earn Candy by accomplishing all of the following during the event as long as it is active. Basically, unless absolutely necessary, do not remove your mask throughout the event. 

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