WoW Halloween Event 2022: Hallow’s End Event in World of Warcraft 2022!

WoW Halloween event 2022 is finally here, Hallow’s end is the official Halloween event from World of Warcraft which takes part before the Halloween has started now the game, here’s all about the WoW Halloween event 2022.

The Hallow’s end is available for World of Warcraft players from 18th October 2022 and will be running till 1st of November,2022, get ready for all the spooky events, and horror-themed rewards from the World of Warcraft Halloween event for 2022.

The people of Azeroth will be enjoying all of the available Hallow end WoW events with the best set of horror-themed items and rewards for around 15 days of time, so here let’s see all the events and rewards here at GA from our World of Warcraft Hallow’s end Halloween event for 2022.

WoW Halloween Event 2022 – All Details About the Hallow’s End Event!

WoW Halloween Event 2022

The list of events from Hallow’s event of World of Warcraft 2022 is a long list, here are the titbits of hallow’s end event from WoW 2022. Headless Horseman is gonna rule the Hallow’s end as he’s the solely chosen boss and king by the Azeroth inhabitants of WoW,

  • Players may obtain the loot of the headless horseman boss at the place he spawns which is the Scarlet Monastery
  • Tussle with other players via the Dungeon Finder to get all the headless horseman rewards which include the,
  1. Wicked Witch’s Signet
  2. Seal of Ghoulish Glee
  3. The Horseman’s Ring
  4. Band of the Petrified Pumpkin

Next is all about the loot filled pumpkin drops for the Hallow’s end event, WoW players over level 55 will get a chance to win these pumpkin drop rewards,

  • Magic Broom
  • Horseman Reins
  • Horsemen Horrific Hood
  • Halloween Helm
  • Horseman Sinister Scary Slicer
  • Sinister Squashling 

More About The WoW Hallow’s End Event 2022! 

Get some exciting aerial riding broom for your witches of WoW which are available from the shade of the horseman event of WoW 2022,

Participate in the shade of the headless horseman event, the tasks will be to,

  • Protect and save the alliance villages which are Kharanos, Azure Watch and Gold Shine
  • Protect and save the Horde Villages, which will be Razor Hill, Brill and Falconwing Square

Once you have accomplished the shade of the horseman event successfully get the riding brooms, candy, masks, gold and a wrapped gift along with it.

WoW Halloween Event Tricky Items!

Hallow end WoW events

The next exciting event rewards from the Hallow’s End Event of WoW will be the tricky treats, here are the ways to get the tricky treats

  • finish the challenges of one-time quests to get over 10 Tricky Treats
  • Spooky Supplies from the Garrison can be converted to Tricky Treats
  • Candy Buckets provide over 30 tricky treats and items

More From World of Warcraft Hallow’s End Event 2022!

Here are the rest of the events and items from WoW Halloween Event for 2022,

  • The Wickerman Festival based buffs are available for every hour from the Greymane and Sylvanas
  • More Spooky activities, events and themes
  • Candy Pumpkin buckets from the Innkeeper
  • Garrison Decorations from the Hallow’s end event by getting the spooky Supplies from Izzy Hollyfizzle

These are all the major featured events for World of Warcraft Halloween event 2022 which is the WoW Hallow’s End 2022 event. All the details of the World of Warcraft Hallow’s end event 2022 have been shared here at Gaming Acharya, the WoW Halloween Event 2022 has started and will be there till the 1st of Nov, 2022.

Now the Azeroth residents may all take part in the Hallow’s end WoW events 2022 and participate in all the headless horseman events 2022 from World of Warcraft, stay tuned for more updates about the WoW Halloween Hallow’s event 2022 later from us.

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