Hit an opponent while Wolf Scent is active Fortnite 2022

The Halloween event Fortnite Mares 2022 is now live. While Wolf Scent is active, one of the tasks requires players to strike an opponent. All that you want to be familiar with How to Hit an Opponent While Wolf Scent is Active in Fortnite is here. Epic Games took the Fortnite servers offline for a few hours earlier to prepare them for today’s new patch update, which includes this year’s Fortnite Mares Halloween event.

How to hit an opponent while Wolf Scent is active Fortnite

Information diggers revealed various Halloween-themed Fortnite skins and different beauty care products during margin time, as well as data on a free Fortnite Horses skin that players will actually want to get. Epic Games has, as predicted, given players the opportunity to win free cosmetics by completing the Fortnite Mares 2022 tasks. This year’s prizes are as follows:

  • Everything Is Over Glider
  • Back Bling with a Chrome Cage
  • Pickaxe Unmaker

Here’s a look at the above cosmetics:

We’re getting much more Fortnite Horses missions than typical. For the accompanying fourteen days, there will be two new assignments to achieve every day. Each challenge awards players 15,000 XP. The aforementioned cosmetics are unlocked after finishing five, thirteen, or twenty-five tasks, and you have until November 1st to accomplish as many as you can.

The principal set of journeys is currently prepared for completion. One of them necessitates hitting an opponent when Wolf Scent is active. Wolf Scent is a brand-new Fortnite item, and here’s all you need to know about it to finish today’s task.

What is Wolfscent in Fortnite?

Wolf Scent is one of three new talents obtained by the Howler Claws, a new item obtained through modification of altar dancing. In Fortnite, the Wolfscent ability has a limited duration before going on cooldown.

While active, the Wolf Scent ability grants players a tracking vision that places a mark on surrounding foes. If there are no foes inside the Wolfscent radius, the ability will enter cooldown automatically.

Assuming you’re being followed by the Wolf Scent capacity, your intuition will caution you with a discernible heartbeat that will get stronger as your tracker draws near.

How to Hit an opponent while Wolf Scent is active Fortnite

You must wait until the Wolf Scent ability has been charged before using it. You’ll notice the button you need to hit to utilize it on the left side of your screen. On the PlayStation, the L2 button can be used. While Wolf Scent is active, players can use the slash or air slash skills to attack an opponent. You’ll have finished the task after you’ve done this.

How to hit an opponent while Wolf Scent is active Fortnite

FAQs regarding Hit an opponent while Wolf Scent is active Fortnite

Q. In Fortnite, how do you hit an opponent while Wolf Scent is active?

Ans: To obtain the Howler Claws, you must first dance on an Alteration Altar. You will be able to activate Wolf Scent once you have this. Wolf Scent cannot be used immediately since it must charge, and it has a cooldown once used. To accomplish the task, activate Wolf Scent near a player and then attack them with the Howler Claws. 

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