Ion Skin Valorant- All Details of Ion 2.0 Skin Set!

Ion Skin Valorant for 2022 has arrived with different weapons and variants, as the new Ion 2.0 Valorant skin has over 3 different colored variants, here’s all about Ion skin 2022 for Valorant.

As per the leaks, Riot Games has planned to unleash 3 beautiful skins for the Ion skin 2.0 in Valorant for 2022, the Ion 2.0 skin variants will be of different colors like white, green, blue, and more.

The Ion 2.0 cosmetics bundle will be in different colors and variants, all the three Ion skin bundle in Valorant will be unique, and all the Ion 2.0 skins will be available for all the weapons in Valorant now.

The Ion 2.0 skins will be live from the Valorant Episode 5 act 3 and the 2022 Ion 2.0 is much different than that of the Ion 1.0 skin collections of Valorant from 2022.

Ion Skin Valorant – All Details of Ion 2.0 Skin Set!

Ion Skin Valorant

The Ion skins 2.0 bundle will be available from today for all Valorant players, and the Ion skin 2.0 is available for a different set of weapons this time around.

The Ion skin item bundle was an instant hit among Valorant players when it had gotten its first release in 2020 November, now Riot Games have pushed itself a little bit further to bring the best ion skin weapons with the Valorant 2022 Ion 2.0 bundle now.

List of Ion 2.0 Weapons In Valorant! 

  • Ares
  • Vandal
  • Spectre
  • Frenzy
  • Karambit Melee

All these Valorant weapons and guns are said to be available in the Ion 2.0 skin bundle set for 2022 edition, all these are completely unique and different from the original Ion skin bundle which was out in 2020 November.

Ion 2.0 Skin Variants in Valorant 2022!  

The new Ion 2.0 skin bundle has been released with different variants and colors for Valorant 2022,

  • Green
  • Blue
  • White
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Black

All of the new Ion skin weapons of Valorant will be having these colored variants and players may shuffle and use the ion skin weapons with their preferred color variants accordingly.

More About Ion 2.0 Bundle Valorant 2022! 

Riot Games has completely given a fresh Ion 2.0 skin bundle this time for the Valorant fans, as be it the vandal weapon, or the frenzy, or the sharp Karambit knife melee, everything will be a good addition from the Ion 2.0 skin set bundle, hopefully more on Ion 2.0 skin items will be known today after Valorant releases them all.

Price of Ion 2.0 Skin Item Bundle in Valorant 2022!

Ion Skin Valorant

Now coming to the price of Valorant’s new Ion 2.0 skin bundle items, the premium bundle price of the Ion 2.0 in Valorant is expected for 7,100 Valorant Points.

However Riot Games are yet to update the individual skins and cosmetics price for the items from the Ion 2.0 bundle, but today Valorant players will be getting access to all the items of Ion 2.0. For now, these are all the leaks and updates of the Ion 2.0 skin bundle from Valorant for 2022, Riot Games have hit the bullseye once again with the Valorant players’ favorite skin bundle of all time, all the ion 2.0 skins will be powerful for the weapons, especially the Karambit Melee knife weapon from the Ion 2 is hugely anticipated by the players of Valorant for now.


Now that’s all about the Ion skin Valorant news from Gaming Acharya, all details about the new Ion 2.0 skin bundle, Ion 2.0 price in Valorant, and how to get the Ion 2.0 skins have all been shared here.

With Valorant’s new episode 5 act 3, the Ion 2.0 skin bundle will be released today by Riot Games. Stay tuned for more updates on Valorant, also the new harbor agent is said to be available from today for Valorant users.

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