Wind Chaser Event in Genshin Impact: All Details & Guide!

The wind Chaser event in Genshin Impact is on for travelers, here are all the wind chaser gameplay details from our guide to the Genshin Impact wind chaser event here.

The wind chaser event in Genshin Impact is quite a tricky one for the travelers of the game, this wind chaser event also allows you to play the new co-op mode of the game, also a new adventurer will be guiding the traveler named Honglang.

The wind chaser begins at liyue region, the galezone challenges will also be available for the travelers of Genshin Impact throughout this event.

Wind Chaser Event in Genshin Impact – All Details & full Guide!

Wind Chaser Event in Genshin Impact

The wind chaser event has started already today for Genshin Impact players, and it starts with interaction by travelers with Honglang.

Then all must locate in the liyue region domain, where the galezone event begins with several missions.

The galezone event challenges will be available for 5 days with different domains for each day to the travelers of Genshin Impact.

All About the Galezone Event!

These co-op mode gaming challenges from the wind chaser event of Genshin Impact allow travelers to seek help from their teammates or random players too.

Also do keep in your mind that the wind grasper challenges have a prelude that players should get the anemo particles first which can be obtained at the dungeon. To complete the missions and objectives from both wind chaser and wind grasper challenges which is of the new co-op Genshin Impact gaming mode, you will all travelers require support and assistance from your teammates.

Also, the wind grasper event may be accomplished in the single gaming mode too, but reach the liyue destination before the time limit set by HoYoverse.

More on Wind Chaser Event!

Wind Chaser Event Genshin Impact

The major highlight of this wind chaser event is all its gameplay, meeting the new adventurer honglang, and exploring and finding the new strange domain and locations. Get the coveted rewards which are the wind coins, the biggest gold coins in Genshin Impact are now these wind coins with various mechanisms.

Also, travelers throughout this wind chaser event will interact with Honglang and other mechanisms too in return, that’s how this new Genshin event proceeds. HoYoverse also gave some tricks and tips for the galezone challenges on the HoYoLAB tab, as travelers are advised to cash in on the varying wind currents which keep blowing.

The wind currents allow players to glide on aerial easily by understanding the basic mechanisms, also travelers of Genshin Impact are advised to use the wind coins on air, descending platform, and driftwind platform. This is how the whole wind chaser event of Genshin Impact gets played by the travelers with the guide itself from the team of HoYoverse officially, check out the HoYoLAB for the complete tips from their end regarding the wind chaser and galezone challenges too.

More updates on the wind chaser event will be provided from our end here once it’s officially out from the team of Genshin Impact for the travelers of the game.


Now that’s a wrap for the wind chaser event in Genshin Impact from Gaming Acharya, all the guides, walkthrough, and pathway for the wind chaser, galezone challenges, and wind grasper event of Genshin Impact have been shared here.

Stay tuned for many more Genshin Impact quest guides and updates from our end. Till then do check on our other articles below here. Follow us regularly for more gaming updates and features here.

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