How to fix Tower of Fantasy Server Error 5/11002

Many Tower of Fantasy gamers experience server error 5/11002 and can’t play the game. This issue could show up on the login screen or as a Tower of Fantasy Server Error 5/1102 message. This error seems to show up all of a sudden and doesn’t appear to disappear all alone. This is the way to investigate Tower of Fantasy Server Error 5/11002.

How to fix Tower of Fantasy Server Error 5/11002

Tower of Fantasy Server Error 5/11002: Brute Forcing ToF

Simply repeat your login details on the login screen. Error 5 has been accounted for to be settled a few times as such. If the problem goes away within 10-15 minutes, that’s OK; if not, keep reading.

Internet Connection for the Game

It’s possible that the game is unable to log in because the internet is unstable. To resolve this, consider restarting your internet modem and checking all of your connection cables or your internet service provider, ideally after testing the speed and stability of your connection using a reliable internet speed tester.

Tower of Fantasy Server Error 5/11002 Administrative Services

It’s possible that a firewall or other restriction is preventing you from accessing Tower Of Fantasy. Running Tower Of Fantasy as a Manager is a demonstrated and straightforward way to deal with fix this. To do as such, right-click the game’s executable and decide to run as manager; acknowledge the brief that seems when you attempt to do as such.

Use VPN to fix Tower of Fantasy Server Error 5/11002

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network,” and it explains the ability to establish a secure network connection when utilizing public networks. VPNs encrypt your internet traffic and conceal your online identity. This makes it more difficult for third parties to follow your internet activities and steal information. The encryption happens in real time.

Server error 5/11002 in Tower Of Fantasy might be caused by a server issue. A VPN is a useful alternative for mitigating the challenges this presents. Your IP address will be changed in the event that you utilize a VPN. Assuming the servers are down, the servers of the area to which you have moved your IP address might be going, permitting you to play the game.

How to fix Tower of Fantasy Server Error 5/11002

DNS settings for Tower of Fantasy Server Error 5/11002

DNS is the component of our networking systems that allows us to communicate with and interact with servers. By adjusting your DNS address, you may resolve Tower of Fantasy Server Error 5/11002. To avoid boring you with superfluous fluff, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your Settings.
  • Go on by choosing Organization and Web.
  • In the High level Organization Settings, pick Change Connector Choices.
  • Presently you ought to be on the Organization Associations screen.
  • Double-click the network type you have. And then choose properties to continue with the procedure.
  • Feel free to click Properties in the subsequent window. Look at the rundown of things to find and pick Web Convention Variant 4.
  • You’ll eventually enter the alternative DNS settings in Properties. As found in the figure underneath, pick the Utilization the accompanying DNS server tends to choose and enter in the Favored DNS server field.
  • You will then need to put in the Alternate DNS server field.

When you’re finished, make sure to check the box next to Validate settings upon departure to save your progress. Whenever you’ve finished all of this, click alright to finish the system.  

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