Svenja Fortnite Skin: How to get the Svenja Outfit and Skins? 

Svenja Fortnite outfit along with the new order remnant outfit has been unvaulted from Epic Games last night, also some of chapter 1 Fortnite skins are also released here at the paradise battle pass.

The rare outfit Svenja is available with selected styles and variants now, the price for the Fortnite Svenja outfit is 800 V-bucks for now, and this female Svenja skin is also the debut in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

Svenja with a blue and gray colored shield based outfit is available at the seven post location in the paradise of Fortnite, the health points of Svenja are highly effective as per the leaks

Svenja Fortnite Skin- How to get the Svenja Outfit and Skins?

Svenja Fortnite Skin

The Svenja rare outfit is available for 800 V-bucks from the Fortnite item shop, and it’s come up with 4 different unique and selectable styles and color variants.

Primeorder is the code for this lady Svenja outfit from Fortnite, an Interactable lady skin that was actually available at the Vibin season quest, but finally, paradise season has unleashed the Svenja Outfit now.

So to equip the Svenja Outfit proceed to the item shop and select here outfit and purchase it for 800 V-bucks now, and there is no free way to obtain the Svenja skin at Fortnite for now.

All the Svenja Skin Styles & Variants!  

As mentioned already, the Svenja Outfit is available in 4 different variants and styles, here’s the list of all the variants of the Fortnite Svenja skins,

  • Red Colored Svenja
  • Basic Default Svenja Outfit
  • Yellow Svenja
  • Gray Outfit

These are the available selectable styles and variants for the Fortnite Svenja Outfit now. Just spend 800 Fortnite V-bucks and equip this Svenja Outfit or even gift Svenja to your teammates at the item shop itself.

More on Svenja Fortnite!

Svenja Fortnite Skin



To be speaking about the Svenja girl outfit in Fortnite, she was earlier rumored to be having her Fortnite outfits in the previous chapter seasons, but only after the Vibin quests, Epic Games decided to bring in the Svenja Outfit to Fortnite world.

Epic Games has been adding new skins for the past week at Fortnite paradise season, some of the new additions along with the Svenja girl are the order remnant, Zuri skin, chapter 1 default skins, and a lot more at the item shop.

It’s time for the Fortnite players to enjoy some of the new skins and style variants, as Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 weekly quests are not arrived yet, till then it’s time for skins ahead of the Halloween event.

How Long Does the Svenja Outfit Stay in Fortnite? 

As this is the very first launch for the Svenja Outfit at Fortnite, Epic Games will hold her outfit at the item shop for over a month. Use Svenja Outfit with all here available skins and styles for now.

Similarly, the new order remnant and other skins in the item shop will also stay till the Fortnite paradise season ends, and there is a high possibility for Epic Games to unvault more vintage Fortnite skins which were available 3 years back at the item shop.


That’s everything about the Svenja Fortnite article at GA, all details about the Svenja outfit and skins, Svenja styles, and how to get Svenja skin in Fortnite are given here from us.

Now players may all get the Svenja, new order remnant, and more vintage Fortnite skins from the item shop for V-bucks, we will update more about the same here.

Stay tuned for more Fortnite exclusive updates and content from our end, keep watching this space for all gaming articles and content. Stay tuned for more updates from us. Share your doubts in the comment box.

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