Silent Hill Transmission Release Date 2022, Updates & more

Konami has launched Silent Hill Transmission, an online event that will unveil future Silent Hill franchise updates. Here is all you really want to be aware of for fans. The Silent Hill establishment has stayed idle since Hideo Kojima’s bitter takeoff from Konami, which resulted in the dropping of Silent Hills.

Silent Hill Transmission Release Date 2022, Updates & more

Notwithstanding Konami’s quiet, hypotheses with respect to a potential reboot or continuation of the series have been flowing for a really long time. The engineer has now ended its quiet and declared Silent Hill Transmission, an occasion that would exhibit “the latest Silent Hill establishment upgrades.” This page will include everything event attendees need to know.

Silent Hill Transmission Release Date & Timing

Konami released the most current Silent Hill updates during the “Silent Hill Transmission” live stream on October 19 at 2:30 a.m. IST. It will be accessible to watch on

How to watch Silent Hill Transmission

There are as of now no authority streams put in a position to see the occasion at the hour of composing. Fans ought to expect the stream connection to show up soon on true sources, for example, the authority Silent Hill Twitter account or the Konami YouTube page.

Konami likewise fostered an authority site for the occasion, which interfaces with the Silent Hill Twitter account and Facebook page. Once more, no transfer associations are accessible on the site at the hour of composing. Beside the connections, the main data as of now displayed on the site is the date and hour of the live stream occasion.

What to expect from Silent Hill Transmission

There are a couple of thoughts for what fans could anticipate from the Silent Hill broadcast occasion. The longest-running and most persistent rumor regarding the Silent Hill series is that it will be rebooted for the PlayStation 5. As per sources near the establishment, for example, Silent Hill movie chief Christophe Gans, reports about a Silent Hill restart are “valid.”

In any case, it is conceivable that this isn’t the main Silent Hill-related item released during the occasion. As per ongoing releases, an age rating for Silent Hill: The Short Message has shown up in Korea, at this point nothing has had some significant awareness of the game other than its title. We don’t know anything else about the impending Silent Hill Transmission event. Keep checking Gaming Acharya frequently for the most recent connections and information.

Silent Hill Transmission Release Date 2022, Updates & more

FAQs regarding Silent Hill Transmission 

Q. Is Konami working on a new Silent Hill game?

Ans: Silent Hills, a considerably more horrifying game from Hideo Kojima that left its impact on the globe with its playable demo, PT, was Konami’s attempt to freshen up the franchise. Unfortunately, the game was canceled due to disagreements between Kojima and Konami, and the series has yet to be revived.

Q. Is a Silent Hill game in the works?

Ans: Future. In May 2022, user NateTheHate2 released pictures of a first-person horror game on Twitter, claiming to be a new Silent Hill project being created by Konami as a PlayStation Exclusive. Bloober Team is also working on a Silent Hill 2 remake, according to NateTheHate2.

Q. Is Silent Hill available on the PS5?

Ans: This product entitles you to both the digital PS4TM and digital PS5TM versions of this game. Silent Hill is a new Dead by Daylight Chapter. It comes with a Killer, The Executioner, a Survivor, Cheryl Mason, and a map.

Q. Is Konami still the owner of Silent Hill?

Ans: Konami no longer controls the Silent Hill website. The publisher has let its ownership of (opens in a new tab) to lapse, allowing someone else to come in and purchase it. 

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