Protective Light Destiny 2: How Use It?

In the past, Protective Light Destiny 2 was one of the most effective game mods. was actually thought to be a must for anyone attempting to take on endgame content, such as Master & Grandmaster activities. However, Protective Light Destiny 2 was significantly nerfed once The Witch Queen was released in favor of the more recent Well of Tenacity patch.

In this post will going to see what is Protective Light Destiny 2, How We Can Get The protective light mod, and how to use Protective Light. Let’s see all about Protective Light Destiny 2.

What Is Protective Light Destiny 2?

Protective Light Destiny 2

The mod’s description is clear and specific about what it accomplishes. When your shields are broken when you are Charged with Light, and significantly increases your resistance to damage from enemies. All Charged with Light stacks are consumed by this effect. The duration of the damage resistance increases as more stacks are eaten. Additionally, the mod results in a -10 Strength disadvantage, but its advantages clearly outweigh this minor negative.

Protective Light Destiny 2 damage protection has decreased from 50% to just 10%. by altering the Protective Light Destiny 2 or Even well of Tenacity’s damage reduction values. Players will have to choose between a smaller and Protective Light Destiny 2 because it could no longer feel essential to include one in every loadout.

Protective Light Destiny 2 offers a stronger, but shorter-lasting, amount of damage reduction when harmed as opposed to picking up void wells, which provides a longer-lasting, amount of damage reduction on demand.

This was a huge change that made Destiny 2 Protective Light a mediocre mod that hardly anybody uses anymore from the a top-tier, must-have mod. When taking on difficult material, like raids and content for the Legend, Master, or Grandmaster ranks, Protective Light Destiny 2 still is decent and would be helpful. Your survival still rises with Protective Light, though not to the same extent as before.

How To Get Protective Light Destiny 2?

Protective Light Destiny 2 may be bought from Ada-1, who is stationed in the Tower, just as the vast majority in Combat modifications in Destiny 2. Be careful that she now sells four combat mods per day as a result of The Witch Queen’s release.

The mods she has available change every day, so you’ll need to stop by daily until she starts selling Well of Tenacity once more. Alternatively, you can adhere to the Twitter account for Destiny Insights. Every day, it will inform you about the products that Ada-1 and other significant merchants are selling.

Protective Light Destiny 2

How To Use Protective Light in Destiny 2?

A Charged by Light mod system could appear difficult and daunting to someone who is brand new to Destiny 2, but it is actually very simple to utilise. When utilizing Protective Light, you must:

Any component of your Void armour must have the Protective Light mod installed. Any other piece of your armor must have at least 1 Charged by Light mod. My advice is to just begin with the Taking Charge mod. Protective Light’s gameplay cycle is as follows.

By eliminating numerous adversaries with the Super or a Masterworked weapon, you can produce Orbs of Power. Picking up these orbs grants you Charge the Light stacks thanks to a Taking Charge mod. When your shields are broken, Protective Light Destiny 2 will immediately turn on and provide you with the additional damage reduction you’ll need to find cover & heal.

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