Lookout Mordren Location WoW: Guide & Full Pathway!

The war chief’s lookout quest from World of Warcraft is all about scouting the locations, here’s the Lookout Mordren Location WoW and more guides to the lookout quest in WoW 2022.

The lookout quest begins from thaldraszus where you start with your dragon, then start looking out for more locations to land for the Mordren lookout quest of WoW.

Fly over to the fire camp at the top, and defeat one enemy, then next proceed to the lookout camp at the isles after interaction with the orc scout. Aggra and Thrall will be the quest givers for the lookout mordren quest.

Lookout Mordren Location WoW – More Guide & Pathway!

Lookout Mordren Location WoW

Next, proceed to the tranquil coast area for finding out the orc, after that move to the azure span, then proceed to the waking shores, to find out the firecamp.

Find the fuel barrel and bloodstone ore at these places, find some wings for your dragon too, and beware of the foes as they might turn out with their arrows and shots at you.

Chawg, orc survivor, orc battles worn will next be the NPC for the lookout quest of WoW, more NPC will be giving instructions before proceeding to the war chief camp at the isles.

More on Lookout Mordren Quest in WoW!

Lookout Mordren Location WoW

Next proceed to land at the war chief camp at the Isles, which is the warchief lookout camp, orcs will be in the way, and more enemies will be firing shots at you. Also, be aware of the inhabitants at the isles, use your arrows more to hunt down the foes, also protect yourself with the Armor package and shield.

On the way, you will get some resources as drops, equip them all during the WoW lookout mordren quest, right next comeback to the Valdrakken tower and fight with another enemy. Next, proceed to the southern region of the isles, find out the camps near the thrall and go through the tranquil coast using the wings of the dragon.

Find out the orc survivor and get some instructions before battling out some enemies, there will be two to three phases of isles area, which needs to be found before unlocking the next set of challenges for the lookout quest at isles.

Then go through the sea regions of Azeroth, and travel through the trees of a maelstrom, next locate the goblins by traversing through the sea and trees.

Find out some monkeys at the isles, the mysteries pygmies is to be solved at the isles. Come back to the tranquil coast once again to find out about the fire camp.

Go to the tower and get the shield by finishing the foes, go through the tropical islands of the isles, before you find out the next tranquil camp here, then fight with the enemies of the isles before landing at the next tower.

All Rewards for Lookout Quest WoW!  

Generally, the look-out camp quest from World of Warcraft doesn’t reward much, this look-out mordren quest in WoW might give away Armor, and guard, but all these are yet to be soon after finishing the mordren lookout quest.


That’s all about the lookout Mordren WoW quest guide here at GA, all pathways, walkthroughs, and guides to complete the lookout mordren quest in World of Warcraft have been given here, more about Lookout Quest will be posted shortly here.

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