Tower of Fantasy Inventory Hack- Is It Sorted Yet? 

Tower of Fantasy inventory hack is fixed yet? The anime action Tower of Fantasy has had some unwanted controversies because of the hackers for the past few days and the developers of Hotta studio have struggled a lot with these unknown hackers, who especially stole the players’ inventory items and resources.

Unknown hackers are intruding on the servers of Tower of Fantasy and duping, and stealing items, resources, and inventory of the players, which had shaken the team of Hotta studio unexpectedly.

And the inventory hack issues were also fixed at a point by the team of Hotta studio for all the Tower of Fantasy players, but yet some kept reporting that their inventory items of Tower of Fantasy are not given back yet.

Tower of Fantasy Inventory Hack – Is It Sorted Yet?

Tower of Fantasy Inventory Hack

The inventory hack issue of Tower of Fantasy was sorted out already by the team of Tower of Fantasy, as Hotta studio acknowledged the ongoing controversy saga, on Twitter and Reddit.

And Hotta studio had also given players their resources like 250 dark crystals, red nuclei, and some of the other Tower of Fantasy items with the codes of the game.

And many of the players have already received their compensation bonus of dark crystals from Tower of Fantasy, while some will receive it very sooner.

Tower of Fantasy Hack – What Happened Actually?   

4-5 days back some of the unknown hackers had stolen the items and resources of Tower of Fantasy players when they partied together on the servers.

A guy named EXTRNAL in particular was inviting all of the Tower of Fantasy players to his server and also hacked their items and resources in an illegal way.

This shocked everyone from the game Tower of Fantasy, but on the other hand, the developers Hotta studio had also given assurance that players will be getting their resources back, also compensation of 250 dark crystals was promised to be given back to them.

Also, Hotta studio immediately stopped the servers of Tower Of Fantasy once after the inventory hack occurred just to stop the hackers from impersonating and looting the other users’ items by stealing them.

Are Players Giving Back Their Resources in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy Inventory Hack

Yes, most of the Tower of Fantasy players have gotten back their items as the developers promised to give them all back after the server maintenance break.

Yet, some players have not received their dark crystals and red nuclei to their inventory of Tower of Fantasy, hopefully, they will be receiving them soon and also the next vera update of Tower of Fantasy promises to give them all the lost items and resources sooner.

But for now, the good update is that the hack inventory issues of Tower of Fantasy are completely fixed by the team of Hotta studio, hopefully, no more hackers intrusion happens in the anime RPG Tower of Fantasy video game.

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