Tower of Fantasy Hackers: Hackers Stealing Accounts?

Tower of Fantasy hackers news has shocked the entire gaming community, as very recently the Tower of Fantasy players and their inventories are getting stolen by unknown hackers and the developers of Hotta studio have acknowledged the same too.

The anime game Tower of Fantasy has dealt a huge blow due to the unwanted intrusion of hackers who have been hacking the resources and inventory of the players.

Also, Hotta Studio has warned the players to not join any other party or game apart from their friends on Tower of fantasy, as in particular an unknown hacker named EXTRNAL has been inviting the users and stealing their resources on the game.

Tower of Fantasy Hackers – What’s Happening?

Tower of Fantasy Hackers

As hackers have made their way to Tower of Fantasy, players of the game are having a tough time battling on the anime RPG Tower of Fantasy game now.

As some of the Tower of Fantasy users have been losing their dark crystals, red nuclei, matrix pulls, and more resources of the game.

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On the other hand, the good news is that the Hotta studio developers have made an assurance that all of the Tower of Fantasy players who lost their resources will be given a compensation of 200 dark crystals and a lot more too.

And even Tower of Fantasy had undergone a server downtime for over 2 hours as per the Hotta studio team, once again the servers of Tower of Fantasy will be offline if again hackers intrude.

After the server shutdown ended on Tower of Fantasy, Hotta studio had given players 200 crystals and more after 2 hours of maintenance break. Also, Hotta studio has given more assurance that by using some of the Tower of Fantasy redeem codes players will get back most of their stolen items in the game and this is a highly commendable act from the Hotta studio team.

And the next Tower of Fantasy vera update is also gonna give players a lot more resources to them.

When Will the Tower of Fantasy Return Back to Normal?

Tower of Fantasy Hackers

As of now the team of Tower of Fantasy and Hotta studio is working round the clock to ensure that hackers will never enter the servers or party, and players of Tower of Fantasy are highly advised to not party with random players on their consoles and devices, else more dark crystals can be stolen easily with red nuclei too.

Once all issues are resolved surrounding Tower of Fantasy, Hotta studio will update about the same, as already Hotta studio has informed all the players on the Reddit app about the ongoing Tower of Fantasy hackers issues.

And even Twitter users who play Tower of Fantasy are very well aware of the same too, hopefully, all issues and hacking theft in Tower of Fantasy will be solved by today from the team of Hotta studio at the earliest.


That’s all about Tower of Fantasy hackers issues and news from GA, the Tower of Fantasy inventory hack news has shaken all the players of the game, but good that the developers of Hotta Studio have acknowledged and sorted them all almost.

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