Savinthebees Fortnite Locker Bundle – All Details!

Savinthebees Fortnite or Savin The Bees the new Fortnite locker Bundle has arrived at the Fortnite’s itemshop, here’s all about the savinthebees item bundle of Fortnite in GA.

The savinthebees locker bundle in Fortnite is all about the famous twitch streamer from America, and he’s getting his locker bundle in Fortnite for the 2nd time from Epic Games.

The slurp series bundle includes this Savinthebees locker bundle with its 5 cosmetics on Fortnite, the entire Savinthebees item bundle seems to be available for over 2,000 V-bucks.

Speaking about this locker bundle of Fortnite, it’s a twitch star bundle, yes the American twitch streamer SavinTheBees has gotten his own locker bundle on his favorite Fortnite game.

Savinthebees Fortnite Locker Bundle – All Details!

Savinthebees Fortnite

Firstly this is not the debut for Savinthebees at Fortnite, as Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 had already launched the savinthebees locker bundle items in the game.

The slurp squad set has always included this Savinthebees locker bundle and items, which are fiercely powerful too. Here is the list of items and cosmetics from the Savinthebees Locker Bundle in Fortnite paradise season item shop,

Cosmetics of Savinthebees Locker Bundle in Fortnite!

  • Crabby Emote
  • Juggus Backbling
  • Horned Strike Glider
  • Big Chuggus Outfit
  • Melty Gold Wrap

All these Savinthebees cosmetics are highly effective and powerful, especially the glider and wrap of Savinthebees are loved by Fortnite fans a lot.

These are items from the entire bundle of Savinthebees in Fortnite, purchase the same for 2,000 V-bucks at the itemshop now.

More on Savinthebees Locker Bundle in Fortnite!

Players can purchase the savinthebees item bundle cosmetics in Fortnite as an entire bundle, also the itemshop offers players the to obtain all the gliders and emote individually too.

The savinthebees locker bundle items will be there at the item shop of Fortnite for a month at least, Epic Games might even extend it more. Just proceed to the Fortnite item shop, explore the Savinthebees item bundle section, and purchase all the items of the Savin The Bees bundle here.

Who Is Savin The Bees?

Savinthebees Fortnite

Speaking about Savinthebees, he’s a prominent American twitch streamer, especially his love for Fortnite has always been exciting, That’s why Savinthebees has gotten his Fortnite locker bundle 2nd time through this Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 edition. Also, Savinthebees is one of the famous American twitch streamers already with more fan following, his views on Fortnite will always be applauded by gamers.

Now all Fortnite players have gotten a chance to get the savinthebees cosmetics and outfit from the itemshop of the game, purchase the entire Savinthebees item bundle or acquire the glider and wrap individually too.

The savinthebees locker bundle items and cosmetics will be available throughout this month in the Fortnite itemshop and it might even extend its stay if Epic Games wishes.


That’s all about the savinthebees locker bundle news and updates from Gaming Acharya, all info about the savinthebees Fortnite, and how to get the savinthebees locker bundle in Fortnite have been shared here.

The cosmetics of Savinthebees are unique from Fortnite, and players may get them for over 2,000 V-Bucks, that’s all for the savinthebees twitch streamer locker bundle items and news here at ga.

Stay tuned for more updates and news from GA, check out our other gaming content here. And also the concept of the fear bundle has been unvalued by Epic Games for all the Fortnite players now.

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