Scorn What to Do with the hand? – Act 1 Walkthrough for Scorn!

Scorn what to do with the hand for acts? Don’t get confused about this, as what to do with hand in Scorn is all about the act 1 puzzle where you use the hand to insert it on to an alien machine.

So here’s all about what do with the hand in Scorn for act 1, with a detailed guide and walkthrough to the act 1 of Scorn, here for act 1 in several stages you just use your arms for inserting in to any tool or machine just to unlock the doors for the puzzles of act in Scorn.

The first act or the first puzzle of Scorn is all about the egg puzzle of the game, where your arms are most needed to fit into a machine and unlock several doors.

Scorn What to Do with the hand?

Scorn What to Do with the hand

Scorn act 1 is comprised of 2 part puzzles that are not at all easy to finish, need to follow the walkthrough and guide to complete the act 1 puzzle part of the horror Scorn game.

Scorn Act 1 Puzzle Walkthrough, Guide, and Pathway! 

So here’s all about Scorn act 1 egg puzzle and a lot more here, Puzzle 1 in act 1 of Scorn starts from the big door at the center room near the spiral structure trees, firstly interaction with 2 eggs is most needed to unlock the actual egg puzzle of Scorn.

The alien crane system and alien growth will be available throughout this egg puzzle, find the egg puzzle key near the alien chair, at the main room near the crane.

A small interaction with the panel and machine is needed, then use the lift to go through the upper room, Then the most difficult part of the egg puzzle is all about placing them on the red slot of the doors, move the juicy red eggs to the left corner.

Find out the console near the small room, an interaction with the panel is next required, then find out the large cane area. Crane will take up the red eggs easily as they are all horizontally placed,

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Scorn What to Do with the hand

Once after unlocking the egg puzzle in the room, locate yourselves in the spiral tower area, find the rail placement, and find any crane near the upper floor or at the bottom floor.

Find the egg buddy, now it’s all up to move to the main door region of act 1 puzzles. Armchair is the most required to unlock the first door of act 1, go through the main door, find out the alien machines, then use your arms or hand to place them on the alien devices which are out from the walls nearer to the red light.

Find the console near the upper floor, then take the lift and reach the main door, interaction with panel is needed next, once again hands are used here for the panel at the main door. Then the rest is all about interaction with consoles, finding crane, and alien machines, and unlocking more puzzles in act 1 of Scorn.

Always Use bare arms or hands for panel in act 1 of Scorn, push the red eggs to the main room, with the help of wheel chairs and also the alien chairs too. Finish the balance procedures by going through the main door missions for act 1 of Scorn, then the next set of acts and chapters for Scorn begin.


That’s all about the Scorn act 1 puzzle, egg puzzle walkthrough, pathway, and guide. Scorn what to do with the hand for act 1 puzzle is all given here, as Scorn act 1 puzzles require arms and hands for unlocking certain doors and alien machines too in addition.

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