Scorn How Many Acts? Pathways for All Scorn Acts and Chapters 2022!

Scorn how many acts are there in the Scorn game yet in 2022? Now a new mission puzzle from Scorn has started for players with over 5 acts and several chapters to accomplish. Here’s all the detailed guide to Scorn acts, and chapters from GA.

As Scorn has over 5 acts, for now, each 5 act has one minimum chapter, and in particular acts I and II in Scorn have 2 subchapters which bring down the total number of chapters to 7 in Scorn 2022. All the acts and chapters in Scorn for 2022 last from 20 mins and it will be at max for 2 hours depending upon the acts of the Scorn horror game.

So now let’s see all the acts and chapters details of the horror, adventure, and sci-fic thriller Scorn game for October month in 2022.

Scorn How Many Acts and Chapters?

Scorn how many acts

A total of 5 acts and 7 chapters in total for Scorn are available for now,

– Act 1 is all about solving egg wall and light tree puzzle

– Act 2 is for spinning lock and multitool puzzles

– Act 3 is for the turning node puzzle ride

– Act 4 in Scorn is about the rotating maze puzzle

– Act 5 in Scorn is all about beating the krang final boss fight

Guide & Pathway for all Scorn Acts and Chapters 2022!

Now we will give tips and tricks with the best steps to complete all the acts and chapters of Scorn for October 2022,

Guide, Pathway, and Walkthrough for Act 1 in Scorn!

Scorn act 1  

Act 1 of Scorn gets kickstarted from the alien planet region, a couple of puzzles are available for Act 1 before you finish the egg wall and tree light puzzles here.

First, open the door in the darkness near the corridor, a pad will be there with light buttons, use the claw machine to open the following doors. Then reach the ground floor near the large spiral tower, and open the exit door which can be done by interaction to a device at the top of the spiral tower.

Now next is all about the light tree act 1 puzzle of Scorn, go through the lift.

Identify the large machines with device mechanisms, go through the door with the passage which leads to a set of aliens over there.

Find a drone that will be on air, place the drone on the hole which is near the big tree region, then a new console also comes out, then go throw the alien growth area and find the machines, get a tool for the interaction with these big machines.

Get the multi tool nearby, and go to the final console area and finish the light tree puzzle near the ground.

Guide, Pathway, and Walkthrough for Act 2 in Scorn!  

Act 2 of Scorn commences at the landscape region, wasteland area. They find the indoor area, reach monumental building, finish the required procedures and puzzles to complete the spinning lock riddle of Scorn act 2.

Guide, Pathway, and Walkthrough for Act 3 in Scorn! 

Scorn act 3 is full of about solving the turning node puzzle and mysteries, here you also find out the health refill places, it starts from the open corridor road of the spiral tower.

Interaction with many consoles are required here to find the large wheel here, find the round wheel device, pass through the corridor and find the devices and consoles, finish all the required puzzles to complete the act 3 in Scorn now.

Guide, Pathway, and Walkthrough for Act 4 in Scorn! 

Act 4 of Scorn is all about solving the rotating maze puzzle, go through the ramped corridor, alien growth, find the console after exiting from the lift.

Create a hole in the aliens growth and pass through the alien torso area, find the next console at the large alien part, go to the bottom floor of the ramp, pass through the corridor and passage, find the shot gun, pistol for more safety, finally upgrade the four lights with the keys and open the door finally.

Guide, Pathway, and Walkthrough for Act 5 in Scorn! 

Act 5 which is about defeating the mighty krang boss at the cathedral building region, go through the main entrance door first, use up the stairs, choose the higher level, find the room at the upper entrance.

Find the machine and use the blood on the same, go through the cages to find the next room, find the red embryos at the pillars, get your best weapons shotguns with Ammos refilled, with full health and use the automation to defeat the mighty krang boss who’s also the final boss of Scorn act 4.

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