Is Scorn on PS4 and When Will Scorn Release on PlayStation in 2022?

Is Scorn on PS4 and PS5? The scary horror adventure Scorn game just got its release for Xbox Series and PC devices, and most of the PS players who want Scorn on PlayStation are totally disappointed for now.

As Scorn the horror game from Ebb Software developers is not yet released for PS devices even after the Halloween event worldwide is about to commence, Scorn has gotten its release on Xbox, and Microsoft Windows devices, what’s stopping the Ebb Software team to release Scorn for Playstation, that’s what the gaming buff and fans of Scorn keep asking.

But if you all ask whether Scorn game is available for PlayStation consoles like PS 4, and PS5, then the answer from Ebb Software will be a big no from themselves.

Is Scorn on PS4 & When Will Scorn Release on PlayStation in 2022?

Is Scorn on PS4


As even Halloween is about to commence very soon, and a game like Scorn which has the backdrop of horror, thriller and scary elements hasn’t released their game for PlayStation devices is a shocker.

As Scorn got its much expected PC, Xbox, Xbox Series X|S release today on 14th Oct, 2022, the Scorn game is about to release for Playstation users and it’s getting delayed too.

As Scorn horror game is accessible for PC, and Xbox Series users via steam deck, windows store, similiarly mobile users of Scorn have played the game via Xbox Cloud Gaming support, still, there’s no room for Scorn on PlayStation console devices.

Will Scorn Release on PS4 in the Future?  

Is Scorn on PS4

Even the developers of Scorn game have their say on it, in an exclusive interview, the Ebb Software team said that they are looking for ways to explore Scorn game for PlayStation 5, and once the offers are done, Ebb Software will release Scorn for PS 5.

As Ebb Software has an association with Microsoft which made Scorn get its release for PC and Xbox series, and once a bigger deal arrives for Ebb Software,

Then Scorn will only release on PlayStation 5, as even Ebb Software ruled out the possibility of Scorn getting released on PlayStation 4 device consoles.

Yes, for now, there’s no plan from the team of Scorn to release Scorn for PlayStation 4 even in the near future.

What is the reason for Scorn not getting released on Playstation 4 Device?  

The obvious reasons for Scorn not getting released on PlayStation consoles must be the version issues and server issues. Apart from that Scorn must go through several changes with some tweaks for a PS release.

And some deem that Scorn horror game won’t be the same for PlayStation consoles as it was on PC and Xbox Devices, even Ebb Software stated that the substandard version alone is possible for Scorn on PlayStation 4 devices, which has all delayed the Scorn PlayStation 5 release.

Hopefully one day all the complications surrounding Scorn is solved and Scorn will be ready for a grand and full-fledged version release on PlayStation sooner in 2023 at least.

With much disappointment and unfortunate happenings Scorn horror adventure video game won’t be having its PlayStation release for now in 2022 at least, once Ebb Software updates about the PS4 release for Scorn, we will know the same too.


That’s a wrap for this Is Scorn available on PS4 article, the answer is no to the question of is Scorn releasing on PlayStation consoles PlayStation 4 and 5.

Once we get more updates and info from the Ebb Software team about Scorn and its PS4 release date updates, we will keep you updated over here.

Till then do check out our other gaming content and updates. Follow us regularly for more exclusive gaming and Esports updates, articles, and quest guides here at GA.

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