How To Solve Egg Wall Puzzle In Scorn 2022

At the point when you at first take command of Solve Egg Wall Puzzle outsider hero, the main thing you’ll see is an entryway (presented beneath) with an out of reach cushion on the right hand side with six round light fastens. As you progress through Scorn, you’ll find and refresh a key contraption that strikes to match the buttons on these entryways, yet this entryway is inert and you presently can’t seem to gather this gadget, so we should pivot and go on down the passageway the other way.

How To Solve Egg Wall Puzzle In Scorn

How To Open The Door & Solve Egg Wall Puzzle In Scorn

Following this path will take you to a large area with an impressive spiral tower in the center. We’ll go the corridor to the right since there’s a door to your left with one light on its locking mechanism that we can’t open. After passing through a door, you’ll uncover a machine, pictured below, that you may use to add a tool to your left hand in a somewhat nasty manner.

To open the entryway, go to your nearby right and utilize the subsequent paw machine in this area by pointing in the two headings prompts, first the passed on slide to open and afterward the right side to slide the entryway open. Leave the gadget and run for the entryway before it closes.

How to Solve the Scorn Egg Wall Puzzle

You’re now on the lowest level, in the vicinity of the massive spiral tower, and what we need to do now is climb up the tower and interact with the equipment at the top to get a sense of the layout. Our main role in this area is to open the middle departure entryway to one side of where you originally showed up, yet we’ll require the assistance of one more body to deliver its system since it has two control center that should be worked at the same time.

In this way, to get some assistance, we want to go to the highest point of the twisting in the focal point of the room and collaborate with the device there. You’ll zoom out to an above view, where three intuitive areas will reroute the rail route track in a circle around your area. We need to seal the bottom two track pieces into a circle and open up the top right track piece to allow it to go off to the northern area of the main chamber.

How To Solve Egg Wall Puzzle In Scorn

Difficulties in solving the Scorn Egg Wall Puzzle

Presently, go to the lower part of the winding pinnacle, where you will see an outsider buggy on the track ahead. This is what we’ll require to navigate around the track. But before that, we must do a few tasks. Circulate the track to the left with the buggy in front of you until you reach a fork that leads to the right into another little segment. Enter here and immediately glance to your left for an elevator. Let’s take a journey up to the pinnacle, your fingers in its meaty mechanism.

There are some meandering tunnels to our left and right up here, but we want to go straight ahead to the balcony where we can see the massive machine illustrated below. This room has two interactive devices, one in the middle and one on the right. We want to control the metal claw with the proper gadget and insert one of the scorn egg things on the massive wall into the illuminated slot on the top left of the wall puzzle.

There are only two scorn eggs in this location, each with a pair of small double sets of lights. These are our targets. The first is a single moving scorn egg, whereas the second is two scorn eggs united together. This second one will bring us there, but first we must clear the route to the illuminated slot by removing the first light pod and creating space for the remaining jigsaw pieces to be moved around.

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