How To Increase Merit In BGMI Fast: 80+ Points Fast

How To Increase Merit In BGMI Fast? : Having more merit points in BGMI helps a player to enter multiplayer mode and also the number of merit points will make sure that you are playing a fair and legal game. Do you want to increase your merit score in BGMI? Check out this article to know about it.

First, every BGMI player will be given 100 merit points. But there are chances that these might get deducted. The obvious reasons are violating the rules, and doing illegal things, if you are found to be guilty by doing these your merit scores will be deducted. And also if you attack your own players there is a lot of chance that again your merit score getting reduced.

So better avoid doing all these things to maintain your BGMI merit points. Playing classic mode games and finishing in the top 10 will help you to earn more. Keep playing more games will also help you to increase your merit score.

Indeed this merit points system is being followed to ensure the fair spirit of the game among the users. Though there are many issues in maintaining the merit points, we will here help you with how can you maintain and increase merit in BGMI fast.

BGMI Merit Points: How To Increase Merit In BGMI Fast?

How To Increase Merit In BGMI Fast
How To Increase Merit In BGMI Fast

There are many ways to increase your merit score in BGMI. Here let’s see what are all the procedures to do it.

Classic Mode

Once you find that your merit points are under 60, start playing matches in classic mode by playing solo matches. Because once your score is below 60 you can’t play the multiplayer or duo squad matches too. So the best option is to go for solo matches in the classic mode of play.

Play as many as games to increase your merit points. Because even by finishing at the top you can’t gain as many points. Here are the points break-up for the matches.

  • Top 10 (1-10) – If you end up in this category, you will get 3+ points
  • 11-50 – If you end here, you will be getting 2+ points
  • 51-100 – If you finish here, you will be rewarded with a 1+ point

So these are the points for the matches, and you must make sure that you are playing n number of matches to increase it also the important thing is don’t involve in any violation of Fairplay. Try to finish in the top 10 to get that 3+ points.

And also make sure that you are maintaining your merit score at least above 60+, only then you can play duo squad games, and multiplayer games without any restrictions. And you also tend to lose BP and XP points.

With full 100 merit points, you are free to play each and everything, there’s no limitation at all, and your BP limit will also be increased to the max at 200.

BGMI Merit Points: How to Check It?

  • Checking your merit score is not an uphill task, here’s the procedure.
  • Open your BGMI app.
  • Proceed to profile on your Right
  • Click on stats and you will be able to see your merit score in the tier section.


In this article, I have shared how to increase merit in BGMI fast and also why it’s getting reduced and the reasons for it also other disadvantages about it. Do follow these methods to maintain a good merit score.

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How To Increase Merit In BGMI

Share it with your friends. Keep playing more games and win more BGMI merit points.

We will come back with other updates about this, till then do have a look at our other articles. We will be back with the next content soon. Share your comments in the comment box and follow this handle for more exclusive updates.

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