When is The First Descendant Release Date? – All Details!

The First Descendant release date is out? As the shooter game First Descendant is all gearing for its beta test version on deck devices, now there’s a leak on the official full version release date of First Descendant.

Also, the gameplay glimpse of First Descendant is also out for players, and it seems that the First Descendant fps shooter game is all about Destiny 2, Co-Op, outriders and Apex Legends, however let’s wait for more trailer about First Descendant.

Also, the trailer of First Descendant indicates that the game is all set to be available for all console devices like Xbox, PS, PC and most likely players might get the access via steam deck for this fps shooter game.

When is The First Descendant Release Date?

First Descendant Release Date

As of now the leaks and updates from the team of First Descendant suggest that the third person RPG shooter game might very well release around December 2022 or in early 2023, however, the developers of Nexon Games will have to officially inform more on the same.

As the seam beta run of First Descendant is now available for players, more gameplay, features, and all about First Descendant will be known soon.

So, the co-op shooter game First Descendant will be a major hit as per the leaks and the videos of the trailer, once the steam run of First Descendant begins, a detailed idea about First Descendant will be coming out.

More on First Descendant Steam Beta!  

As we speak about First Descendant full version release date, now all eyes of the players are on the steam beta test run of the game, as First Descendant steam beta is about to commence on from 20th, October and will run for a couple of days.

Those players who wish to explore First Descendant in advance can all sign up on the First Descendant official steam beta page by filling in the credentials.

Nexon Games have not revealed a beta version of First Descendant for the console devices yet, but plans are on for console beta of First Descendant too. The beta test of First Descendant will showcase all about the characters, abilities, rewards, exotic map locations, weapons and battles to the players, as the cinematic trailer of First Descendant was so intriguing for the players.

Hopefully, the First Descendant gameplay and features will be as gripping as the trailer and leaks suggest to the players.

When Will First Descendant Release Date Come out officially?

First Descendant Release Date

Once the beta version of First Descendant in steam devices gets concluded, Nexon Games and NAT games might divulge more about the official full version release date for First Descendant game.

But the tentative full version and official release date of First Descendant could come out anytime between November 2022 from the team of Nexon Games, hopefully which is sooner than expected.

Hopefully First Descendant RPG shooter games release sooner in 2023 first half itself, and First Descendant for mobile is not in the wish list of Nexon Games for now, but First Descendant for mobile will also be happening in the near future hopefully.


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