How to unlock COD Mobile Zombies Easter Egg

The most recent time of Extraordinary mission at hand Mobile is here, and as the title infers, Season 9: Zombies Are Back is a zombie-centered update. The Halloween-themed update also brings back the iconic Shi No Numa Zombies level, complete with a secret boss battle. Here’s all you need to know How to unlock COD Mobile Zombies Easter Egg in Gaming Acharya.

How to unlock COD Mobile Zombies Easter Egg

How to unlock COD Mobile Zombies Easter Egg

Shi No Numa showed up momentarily in the Vital mission at hand Mobile in 2019, but the old Zombies map was at last erased and supplanted with the goal style “Undead Attack” mode. Regardless of whether you played Shi No Numa when it initially showed up in the mobile game, you’ll have to rehash these systems to get the mode expected to finish the supervisor fight.

First, there is a brief tutorial that will teach you the fundamentals of Call of Duty Mobile’s Zombies game. This is relatively simple. From that point forward, you should play one match of Exemplary (standard) Shi No Numa and endure eight rounds to unlock the In-your-face mode. To enter the manager battle, you’ll have to play Harcore mode. For this easter egg, you can play single or in a crew of four. In the event that you like to play alone, uncheck the auto-fill choice prior to beginning the match.

How to activate COD Mobile Zombies Easter Egg

Here are the actions you’ll need to complete when playing Hardcore mode to trigger the monster. You can finish each of the undertakings in the early adjustments, yet the manager will not show up until after cycle 12, giving you a lot of chances to acquire focus and get ready for the battle. You’ll need to ensure you gather the stuff you want all through the ordinary rounds, since you’ll just have one moment to plan for the manager conflict. During the battle, there will be an ammunition resupply box open, however you won’t approach perk machines or Sneak up all of a sudden.

Fix the lift in COD Mobile Zombies

At the point when you start a Shi No Numa match, you are created at the highest point of the fundamental cottage. Survive the zombies until you collect 1,000 points and a door opens. There is no cost difference, and either alternative will suffice, but for convenience, I choose to open the door to the stairs. At the point when you can, begin looking for parts to fix the harmed lift on the upper level of the fundamental cabin’s gallery.

These are huge gear-shaped artifacts located on the floor and shelves of the main hut’s bottom level. They’re easy to find, and you’ll have the option to get them when you get close to them. To repair the lift, you’ll need two gear pieces.

How to unlock COD Mobile Zombies Easter Egg

Ride to the underground lab in COD Mobile Zombies

When you have two gear parts and are ready to proceed, go up to the balcony and interact with the red electrical box connected to the elevator. You’ll need to interact with the box twice for repairs and one more to activate the repaired lift. You’re now ready for a ride.

Destroy plants in COD Mobile Zombies

The lift will take you to a subterranean lab marked on the map. You’ll turn left from the beginning corridor and continue the path to a chamber with big chemical vats and glass displays lining both sides of the space. The seeds in the glass boxes will grow into blue light plants. You should blast these blue lighting plants till they cease reproducing.

Activate the machine in COD Mobile Zombies

The third stage is activating a machine in an adjacent room. When you come close to the machine, you’ll notice a red light and a command to “start.” After activating it, you must survive the next 12 rounds of the fight before the Jubokko plant boss appears.

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