Overwatch Error Starting a Game: How to Fix Error Starting a Game Bug Error in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch Error Starting a Game is really irking the players, as the Overwatch 2 errors are becoming a common update now a days, here’s all about Overwatch 2 error starting game trying again solutions from GA.

Overwatch 2 Error starting a game error is keep on occuring all the time for users, and there are not official solutions to sort out the error starting a game for Overwatch 2 users from the developers blizzard team.

Though these technical bugs of Overwatch 2 don’t have proper resolution, we have figured out some of the best fixes and steps to resolve the Overwatch 2 bug “error starting a game” here at GA.

Overwatch Error Starting a Game – How to Fix Error Starting a Game Bug Error in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch Error Starting a Game

1. Update the Graphic Drivers and Files

Every game’s issues are happening not only because of the game’s version, but also because the graphic drivers need to be updated always, try updating all the graphics drivers for Overwatch 2, this might not entirely solve the bug, but yet the chances of overcoming the error starting game getting fixed in Overwatch 2 will be higher too.

2. Check Internet Connection

Overwatch 2 is a highly prolific game such that extraordinary internet connectivity is always doable to play the game smoothly without much hustling and bustling, try fixing your internet connection or wifi or routers for Overwatch 2 errors and bugs always.

3. Reinstall Overwatch 2

The first and foremost solution to solve Overwatch 2 error bugs and technical problems can be sorted out by reinstalling the app after uninstalling it again.

4. Close Background Applications

If you have any incumbent running apps or something in your device while gaming Overwatch 2, just clear all the background running apps and clear cache to avoid further bugs from Overwatch 2.

5. Update Overwatch 2

Always make sure whatever device you are using for playing Overwatch 2 , the game’s latest update should be there, if your device is not updated with the current and latest version of Overwatch 2, then just update it by looking for any updates from Blizzard for Overwatch 2.

6. Fix Corrupted Files

If your files in Overwatch 2 are corrupted or out of date, fix them all immediately, launch battle.net from blizzard and just sort out all the Overwatch files which are corrupted or not properly updated.

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Overwatch Error Starting a Game

Overwatch 2 never had any issues for its players like these bugs, now the error starting a game are really frustrating all the gamers of Overwatch 2 to the core.

The unofficial ways to fix error starting a game bug on Overwatch 2 have been fixed here on GA, now let’s wait for further updates from the technical team of blizzard.

Blizzard may bring some official solutions to fix all the technical bugs of Overwatch 2 as soon as the servers are sorted from their end. But even the above mentioned steps from us might actually sort out the error starting Overwatch 2 game bug, as most of the Overwatch 2 players have also fixed all login bugs in Overwatch 2 with these viable fixes.

Hopefully, Overwatch 2 servers return to normal as soon as possible with all the bugs and login errors getting resolved from the developer’s end


That’s all about the steps to fix Overwatch 2 starting a game error from Gaming Acharya end. Once official updates are provided by Blizzard for all Overwatch 2 login issues, we shall post them here for you with more fixes and steps to resolve them.

Till then follow us for more exclusive Overwatch 2 articles and guides, stay tuned to Gaming Acharya for more exclusive eSports updates and content. Follow us on all social media pages of Gaming Acharya, and stay tuned for our next update here

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