Is WoW Coming to Console: World of Warcraft for Xbox and PlayStation?

Is WoW coming to console in 2022 finally? As the multiplayer video game World of Warcraft is a highly rated action role play game, WoW is yet to be available for all the console players of Xbox, PS. Here’s all about World of Warcraft coming to console devices in 2022.

Ion Hazzokostas the creative director for the multiplayer game WoW had already quashed the rumors of World of Warcraft getting its release for console, and it looks the same even in october 2022 for WoW, this will hurt all World of Warcraft players a little more than earlier.

And even the developers of WoW, the team of blizzard entertainment has not revealed any plans to unleash World of Warcraft to the console devices like Xbox and PlayStation, not even WoW for console in 2023 looks possible as per their statements and interviews.

Is WoW Coming to Console – What’s the Latest Update?

Is WoW Coming to Console

For the past few days, a rumor is doing the rounds on social media handles that World of Warcraft is all set to be launched to console devices in 2022 very soon, but when the closed officials were questioned about WoW for the console in 2022, they again answered the same answers to the fans of WoW worldwide.

Yes, no development is now possible for World of Warcraft console devices now in 2022, but the team of WoW also gave good news, if WoW is released for console devices, it will be good for the game and developers of World of Warcraft.

At least this answer is a solace to the fans of World of Warcraft worldwide, hopefully, more updates and leaks regarding World of War console 2022 or even 2023 comes out from the team of Blizzard.

More on World of Warcraft For Console!  

So to be more precise about these leaks of WoW coming to console in 2022, the WoW for console rumor is once again a just mere rumor,

don’t fall prey to all the fake buzz and rumors of World of Warcraft getting released for console devices any time sooner, as it’s not in the making of blizzard entertainment for now.

Hopefully an unexpected surprisingly news of World of Warcraft coming to console comes just like that to the fans to entertain them.

As even WoW players are tired of playing the game nonstop on Microsoft and MacOS devices for a long long time.

When Will World of Warcraft Release for PlayStation and Xbox Devices?

Is WoW Coming to Console

There is no news about when will Xbox and PlayStation users worldwide will be getting access to WoW game, as World of Warcraft is an intriguing and amazing thriller multiplayer game, and WoW game on console devices would be a damn good experience, hopefully, it’s a very soon too.

If blizzard entertainment decides to go with the wishes of WoW fans, then on all possibilities World of Warcraft will be coming to the console devices very very sooner from 2023.

The tentative release date of World of Warcraft for console could be only 2023 as per the latest WoW console leaks and updates which are revealed for the past 2 days.


So that’s all about the is WoW coming to console 2022 leaks and rumors at GA, once we get more updates on World of Warcraft getting released on console, we will be the first to share the same updates here on Gaming Acharya.

But if you all ask whether if WoW is releasing for Xbox and PlayStation console devices in 2022, the answer is a big no, as the team of World of Warcraft is not in the idea to release World of Warcraft game for console users.

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