Rainbow Six Siege Halloween Event Update 2022

The Rainbow Six Siege Halloween season is here, as the Doktor’s Curse event returns tomorrow, throwing Monsters and Hunters into a terrifying skirmish in Rainbow Six Siege. The third portion of the event, named Doktor’s Revile: The Returned, acquaints new Administrators with contend in the Find the stowaway game mode; the Trackers (Aggressors) have employed Oryx, while the Beasts (Protectors) have enrolled Azami, Gridlock, Migrant, and Thistle. The promotion runs from October 13 to November 2, and gamers who check in during that period will receive a free Doktor’s Curse Collection bundle featuring a spooky cosmetic item.

Rainbow Six Siege Halloween Event Update 2022

Rainbow Six Siege Halloween Event Update 2022

The Hide and Seek game mode pits Hunters against Monsters in an asymmetrical battle. The Hunters are armed with breaching hammers for pounding their prey, and each possesses a tracking device to aid them in their pursuit. The Monsters each have their own trap gadgets that they may employ to delay or hurt the Hunters, as well as the Nightstride ability, which grants them temporary invisibility and enhanced speed for a brief time to aid in their escape. Either side can win by killing the other, however the Beasts can likewise win by being alive until the clock runs out.

The Doktor’s Curse Collection includes ghastly cosmetic accessories for each of the event’s Operators. Players that check in during the advancement will get a free Doktor’s Revile Assortment pack, and three extra packs will be opened by finishing week by week Ubisoft Associate Difficulties. Bundles are likewise accessible for 300 R6 Credits or 12500 Prestige, and contain themed and Administrator explicit groups for each Administrator highlighted now or beforehand in a Doktor’s Revile event (in addition to extra packages for Heartbeat, Kaid, and Melusi). Because Operator Cards were introduced to the bundles this year, gamers who previously purchased bundles will receive the matching card for free.

Rainbow Six Siege Halloween: Leaks & Updates

Rainbow Six Siege Halloween Event is presently accessible on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Amazon Luna, and PC, including Ubisoft. Ubisoft has released the next Rainbow Six Siege event, Doktor’s Curse, which has their take on a Halloween theme. 

The event will take place from October 13th to November 2nd, and it will essentially be a game of hide and seek inside a haunted castle. Throughout the event, you’ll be able to obtain some exclusive cosmetics that will be inaccessible once the event concludes, as well as participate in some special gameplay with aspects created only for this session. More information from the team is provided below.

Rainbow Six Siege Halloween: New Mode

“New beast characters join the event in this emphasis of the 5v5 Find the stowaway game mode, remembering Oryx for the Trackers (Assailants) and Azami, Wanderer, Thistle, and Gridlock on the Beasts (Protectors). Beasts should conceal to endure the night against the Going after Trackers. The Hunters will only be armed with Breaching Hammers and one tracking device, each linked to a unique operator skin. 

Their mission will be to locate the Monsters and remove them from the Castle. The defending Monsters, on the other hand, have no weapons but can employ traps and a special skill invented for this mode: Nightstride, which allows them to become temporarily invisible and move quicker to flee and hide.”

Rainbow Six Siege Halloween Event Update 2022

Rainbow Six Siege Halloween: Rewards & Bundles

“The Rainbow Six Siege Halloween Event Doktor’s Curse Collection is returning, with new bundles for Oryx, Azami, Nomad, Thorn, and Gridlock, as well as packages for Smoke, Kapkan, Frost, Lesion, Doc, Bandit, Sledge, Lion, Jackal, Aruni, and Ela.” There will also be themed bundles for Pulse (Chiroptera Bundle), Kaid (Bloodthirst Bundle), and Melusi (Haunting Bundle), as well as the Wicked Surgery Bundle, Incorporeal Bundle, and Flayed Pain Bundle.

Bundles may be purchased for 300 R6 Credits or 12500 Renown. Every player who logs in between tomorrow and November 2 will receive a free Doktor’s Curse pack, and they may earn three more packs by completing weekly Ubisoft Connect Challenges. Furthermore, if a player previously purchased any entire bundle from a prior Doktor’s Curse Episode, the matching Operator’s Card is given for free.” 

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