How to get the Desdemona Fortnite Skin?

The Desdemona Fortnite skin has been released in the latest itemshop update from Epic Games, Fortnite desdemona skin with its trailer glimpse was released last night. Here’s our GA guide to get Fortnite skin Desdemona easily.

The Desdemona skin Fortnite is an electrifying red colored outfit with a guitar in its hand, and now the desdemona skin from the darkest circles set is unvaulted once again.

The desdemona outfit along with its other cosmetics from the darkest circles bundle in Fortnite is released once again in the itemshop, Fortnite players can spend V-Bucks to purchase the desdemona skin along with its cosmetics as the desdemona skin is not available for free.

How to get the Desdemona Skin in Fortnite?

Desdemona Fortnite Skin

As already said the desdemona outfit from the darkest circles bundle set was released once again in the Fortnite itemshop last night, Epic Games have also reduced the price for the desdemona outfit and its bundle.

You can purchase the entire darkest circles item bundle from Fortnite itemshop for 1,800 V-BUCKS, as the original price for this item bundle with the desdemona skin outfit was 2,500 V-BUCKS earlier.

Also in the previous season desdemona outfit alone was available for over 1,200 V-bucks in the itemshop of Fortnite, but not sure whether players can get the Desdemona skin alone for the same price in this paradise season.

Desdemona Fortnite – List of Items from the Darkest Circles Set!  

Here are the other items from the darkest circles item bundle alongwith the desdemona outfit in the Fortnite itemshop,

 – The Oculara Backbling

– The Furia Harvesting Tool

– Starbright Wrap

– Underworld Ink Loading Screen

– Desdemona Rare Outfit

These are the complete list of items and cosmetics from the Fortnite darkest circles set, you can purchase all of these items including the desdemona outfit for 1,800 V-Bucks from the itemshop. Also, if the desdemona skin alone is available then Fortnite players may obtain the same from the itemshop for 1,200 V-bucks.

Also not sure how long the desdemona outfit and the darkest circles bundle items and cosmetics will be available at the Fortnite itemshop.

Desdemona Fortnite Skin

More on the Desdemona Skin in Fortnite!  

The Desdemona skin first debuted in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 edition, as the desdemona skin was a part of the darkest circles set way back in the last season.

Then the desdemona skin outfit alone was available for 1,200 V-Bucks from Fortnite itemshop, but now the desdemona outfit with its cosmetics are available for over 1,800 V-bucks.

The desdemona skin is a rare outfit from Fortnite, as the desdemona outfit is always scary, be it the tail or the scary two horns of the desdemona, the red and black colored outfit suits well on the desdemona. And additionally, now the desdemona skin in Fortnite appears with playing guitar stylishly as shown in its teaser trailer glimpse last night.

With an ultra-stylish and menacing look of the desdemona outfit, Fortnite players may obtain the desdemona skin and the darkest circles bundle items with its cosmetics now just for 1,800 V-bucks at the itemshop. We will get to know more about desdemona skin and the other cosmetics of the darkest circles set from Fortnite later.


That’s all about the desdemona Fortnite skin from our end, how to get the Desdemona skin in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, the list of darkest circles item Bundle, and desdemona outfits are all covered here.

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